dome clusters from new earth project (article)


From the faculty of the Design & Development discipline (The D & D) at NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation, this brief article with illustrations covers the NewEarth bio-architecture dome clusters and floor plans.

new earth dome clusters and floor plans

Mimicking the way nature creates stable and balanced structures and compounds, the new earth bio-arc floor plan 1domes can be arranged to create different building configurations, grouping them to form clusters of connected domes, generating different house types.

This principle is mimicking the way nature creates self organize systems, using modules of fundamental shapes, that are then creating different forms that serve different functions (form follows function).  This is how cells and molecules create clusters of function to create stable and balance structures and compounds.

We also increase the efficiency and efficacy in the building process, making it very easy to attend to the variety of needs for communities and retreats, creating a system that can adapt to change and create a virtually unlimited number of configurations and possibilities.


floor plan 3

floor plan 4

floor plan 5


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