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the truth about the united states, law, and you (video)

  The Truth About the United States, Law, and You This 49-minute video starts with a deeper explanation of the Strawman and DNA, how silence equals consent, two United States constitutions, the three city-states, definitions of person, citizen, subject, land, state, jurisdiction, and more.   For more educational natural...

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your silence is consent to contracts

  Your signature on any of the following documents ensnares you into an Adhesion Contract:  public school enrollment, voter registration, car registration, application for a driver’s license, application for a business license, application for a marriage license, application to any “government” agency for any other license or permit, application for...

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international tribunal for natural justice: the ITNJ constitution

The Treaty and Constitution of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice were signed and sealed into law in a formal Ceremonial Seating marking the Inauguration of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice on 15 June, 2015.  The momentous event was held at Westminster Hall in London, coinciding with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta...

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natural law – an introductory article

  Natural law is the law as it is written on the heart of every wo/man in the form of their conscience.  It is not something which can be written down or codified, nor ought it be.   “The general law of this society is that each member...

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the itnj – people’s law library

Visit the International Tribunal for Natural Justice website:  ITNJ People’s Library which provides links to resources for further research of topics relevant to the knowledge-base necessary for a full comprehension of the history of law. The ITNJ is an initiative of the NewEarth Project. The ITNJ belongs to the...

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