your silence is consent to contracts


Your signature on any of the following documents ensnares you into an Adhesion Contract:  public school enrollment, voter registration, car registration, application for a driver’s license, application for a business license, application for a marriage license, application to any “government” agency for any other license or permit, application for a social security number or national health insurance number, forms submitted with payments of council taxes, income taxes, business taxes, or any other taxes, signatures on census forms, application for food stamps, housing assistance, welfare, or other public assistance, application for disability benefits or worker’s compensation benefits, your signature on a traffic ticket or on any paperwork at a courthouse or police station or prison, application for a birth certificate, and application for a death certificate.  They get you coming and going.

Read on at the Committee to Support the International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ)

Your Silence Is Consent to Contracts

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