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Bio Architecture Team with NEU Faculty

  BIO ARCHITECTURE by Juan Schlosser |  NewEarth University Faculty, School of Science & Design Innovation  Meet your longtime NewEarth Chief Bio-architect Designer Check out BioArc Consultants with Founder, Juan Schlossler: Visit Bio Architecture Website

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new earth haven bio architecture (video)

  By honoring the natural order of all living things through its design philosophy, the NewEarth Project supports the manifestation of consciousness-enhancing structures that mimic the environment. Check out this brief video of the NewEarth Haven – Bali, illuminating our designs that align with the human form, thereby encouraging...

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biologic architecture – phase conjugate dielectrics with dan winter and juan schlosser

  FRACTALITY (Phase Conjugate Dielectrics-Defining Organic Materials) Concentrate / Distribute the CHARGE of LIFE FORCE In All Living Architecture  http://www.goldenmean.info/architecture/ A comprehensive (stunningly replete) resource (dozens of diagrams, videos, and an article excerpt) offered from Dan Winter in collaboration with Juan Schlosser, Chief Design Bio-Architect at NewEarth University’s School...

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new earth design approach

  From NEU’s D & D faculty members: Natural order is honored throughout new earth’s conscious design philosophy and creative process. This has produced enhanced structures aligned to the human body’s divine design and requirements to thrive. Bio- architecture encourages and supports our physical form to return to its...

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new earth design structures

new earth structures are designed with the principles of bio-architecture. they are able to produce bioactive field-effects that enhance healing and well-being, produce regenerative effects in the environment, and holographically benefit all those who inhabit them. We are constantly in a dance with the elements of our environment, and...

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new earth design metric of the five elements: air

  Researched, compiled and written by faculty of the School of Science & Design Innovation at the NewEarth University (NEU) NEU’s Design & Development discipline (the D & D) in the School of Science & Design Innovation espouses a harmonizing metric of the platonic solids in the design and...

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