new earth design structures

new earth structures are designed with the principles of bio-architecture. they are able to produce bioactive field-effects that enhance healing and well-being, produce regenerative effects in the environment, and holographically benefit all those who inhabit them.

We are constantly in a dance with the elements of our environment, and as we transform it, it transforms us.  The deeper this understanding is integrated, the more aware we become of these relationship dynamics.

With a heightened understanding of the expression, “we are what we eat” (describing a direct correlation to our physical, mental, and emotional makeup), it may be extrapolated further to include our surroundings, and hence the following can also be witnessed: “We are how and where we live…”

New Earth structures are innovatively designed in ways that harness the life-giving forces of this Earth.  We take the wisdom-knowledge of the ancient design systems such as Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry, integrating the latest technical understanding of materials, integration, and fractal energetics to create buildings that are life generating for the inhabitants and environment at-large.  Promoting the use of local materials, low energy coefficient manufacturing, we seek to find innovative and supportive building techniques for all beings.


inside a trishla dome

The information in this Design & Development resources section is shared freely at the NEU Library to assist you in learning and applying the art of conscious design and development.  To improve your search today, our fellows, faculty, and staff have articulated the following topics:

  • Dome Energetics
  • Bio-Arc Domes
  • Dome Clusters
  • Turnkey Templates
  • Images
  • Bio-Architectural Templates


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