biologic architecture – phase conjugate dielectrics with dan winter and juan schlosser


FRACTALITY (Phase Conjugate Dielectrics-Defining Organic Materials) Concentrate / Distribute the CHARGE of LIFE FORCE In All Living Architecture

  • A comprehensive (stunningly replete) resource (dozens of diagrams, videos, and an article excerpt) offered from Dan Winter in collaboration with Juan Schlosser, Chief Design Bio-Architect at NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design
  • A New Science of LIFE FORCE in Buildings, a 5-element theory applied to architecture.
  • Advanced BioArchitecture /Life Force Plasma Science with Dan Winter – from Course
    – Includes Physics of Gold Powder activation- and Temple as Plasma Projector
  • Design in conjunction with NE University Fellow, Michael Rice, Dan Winter and Jesse Krieger (at Stanford).

(America and Australia world tour 2017)

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