UCC – Part 2 Workshop: Strawman Slavery & The Banksters


Intro UCC Workshop – PART 2 (Separate tuition from Workshop-Part 1)

This 2-hour presentation by Bibi Bacchus, faculty at NEU’s School of Natural Law, was recorded l!ve in her Digital Classroom on the Zoom platform in 2019.

Your instructor has kindly made this RECORDING REPLAY ACCESS available for your tuition-purchase and study through NEU. If you already paid tuition for this Workshop, LOG-IN and return to Bibi’s UCC page – ACCESS BUTTON

Please Note: There are NO REFUNDS for Video-Replays. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ENROLLING. Thank you!


Intro UCC WORKSHOP – PART 2: Strawman Slavery & The Banksters

  • Faculty: Bibi Bacchus, senior advisor at the NEU School of Natural Law
  • Presentation: 2-hour online Workshop
  • Content: 1 Workshop  (video-recording REPLAY ACCESS ONLY at NEU). You will NOT own this video. It is not downloadable. You will have 24/7 ACCESS in Bibi’s UCC page for replay/study.
  • Enrollment: Study in NEU at your pace, 24/7
  • Language: English
  • PDFs: NONE
  • Tuition: 79$ USD

This Tutorial includes an overview of the following fundamentals:

  • Strawman Basics
  • Bankster Overview
  • Mortgage Fraud System
  • Bankruptcy Scam
  • The REAL Truth of the Court System
  • Social Security Ponzi Scheme
  • Federal Reserve Notes/US Dollars & The British Pound
  • Birth Certificate & Your Rights! and Your Children’s Rights
  • 360-view of Bibi’s in-depth 5-week UCC Introductory Course: How to Own Your Strawman

What your instructor suggests you need:

  • Desktop Computer or Laptop for good viewing (smaller phones or tablets – it’s your choice).
  • Paper and pen to take notes.

If you already paid tuition for this Workshop, LOG-IN and return to Bibi’s UCC page – ACCESS BUTTON

Enjoy Strawman Slavery & The Banksters, an introductory presentation – inspiring, eye-opening and enlightening



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