UCC – Part 2 Workshop: Strawman Slavery & The Banksters


The NEU School of Natural Law presents:

UCC Intro Workshop – PART 2 – Strawman Slavery & The Banksters

*** Separate tuition from UCC Intro Workshop – PART 1

2-hour presentation by Bibi Bacchus, School of Natural Law Faculty

Recorded LIVE in the NEU Zoom digital classroom, 2019.

Bibi has kindly made this recording-replay-access available for your study.

*** Important for access: When tuition enrollment is successfully completed, you receive NEU’s confirmation email. RETURN to Bibi’s UCC Strawman Course Page (where you enrolled) to click PART 2 blue access button. 
*** NOTE NEU Policy: NO REFUNDS for workshop-video-replays.
Please read all Protocols first before enrolling. Thank you!
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Faculty: Bibi Bacchus, NEU School of Natural Law Senior Advisor
Presentation: 2-hour online Workshop
Content: Workshop video-recording-replay-access ONLY at NEU
  • You will not own this video. It’s not downloadable;
  • You WILL have 24/7 access at Bibi’s Page for study.
Enrollment: OPEN
Language: English only
Tuition: $79.00 USD
Tutorial includes an overview of the following fundamentals:
  • Strawman Basics / Bankster Overview
  • Mortgage Fraud System / Bankruptcy Scam
  • The REAL Truth of the Court System
  • Social Security Ponzi Scheme
  • Federal Reserve Notes/US Dollars & The British Pound
  • Birth Certificate & Your Rights! & Your Children’s Rights
  • 360-view of Bibi’s in-depth 5-week UCC Intro Course
What you’ll need:
  • Student account & NEU online navigation
  • Ability to follow Protocols
  • Desktop computer or laptop for good viewing (smaller phones or tablets – your choice).
  • Paper and pen to take notes.
Enjoy Strawman Slavery & The Banksters, an introductory presentation – inspiring, eye-opening and enlightening
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