UCC: How to Own Your Strawman


NEU’s School of Natural Law Presents:

Online Intro UCC WORKSHOP: How to Own Your Strawman – PART 1

4-hour video-replay 24/7 ACCESS ONLY AT NEU; video is not downloadable; so you won’t own it.

This is a popular Workshop Replay by Bibi Bacchus, faculty at the NewEarth University.

Available for your study AT NEU’s website. 

Important Access: When enrollment is successfully completed, you receive NEU’s confirmation email. RETURN to Bibi’s UCC-Strawman Course Page (where you enrolled) Click: PART 1 – blue – access button.

NEU Policy: There are NO REFUNDS for workshop replays * Please read all protocols BEFORE enrolling. Thank you!

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Faculty: Bibi Bacchus, School of Natural Law Senior Advisor
Presentation: 4-hour Intro UCC Workshop 
Content: Recorded LIVE at NEU (Zoom) by the School of Natural Law 
  • * Note: You will not own video; it’s not downloadable. You WILL have 24/7 access at Bibi’s UCC Page for replay/study.
Enrollment: Open
Language: English only
PDFs: Five (5) downloadable PDFs
Tuition: $79.00 USD
Tutorial has a basic overview of fundamentals:
  • Your birth certificate / STRAWMAN
  • Reclaiming fiction basics with the UCC-1
  • Flag laws; allodial title; contracts
  • Admiralty maritime jurisdiction
  • Name copyrighting; rescinding signatures Nunc pro tunc
  • Driver’s license & your rights
  • 360-view of Bibi’s 5-week intensive INTRO UCC COURSE
Student Q & A included in replay.
What you need:
  • Student account / ability to navigate NEU / follow study protocols
  • Desktop computer or laptop (small phones/tablets, your choice).
  • Ability to download / print PDFs
  • Paper, pen to take notes; time for study
Enroll above ↑ 
Enjoy Bibi’s inspiring & enlightening Intro Workshop – PART 1 

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