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The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History

  The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History by Dave Emery   An ocean of gratitude to Dave Emery – your NEU fellow at the School of Consciousness & Spirituality – for gifting us with this resource. Check out Dave’s REAL History online Workshop (recorded replay) https://newearth.university/courses/real-history/ Approaching...

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What Is Enlightenment?

  What Is Enlightenment? Breaking the Cycle of Death and Rebirth by Lama D (Note: gratitude to the author for including his photos and graphics from his private collection.)   Many people ask me how to raise spiritual awareness. Others ask me if “Ascension” is the same as “Enlightenment”....

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Yes! New-Paradigm Storytelling by Dr. Nancy Ash

  Written by Dr. Nancy Ash, Co-founder and worldwide Chancellor of the NewEarth University (NEU) – a new-paradigm learning initiative of the NewEarth Horizon (NewEarth Project 2.0) and greater NewEarth movement.  Editor’s note: Published in August, 2018 at the NewEarth Media blog, reprinted here in the NEU Library with...

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conscious practice with a purpose of self-realization (article)

  Researched, compiled and written by faculty members and staff at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality   Conscious Practices for a New You Some practitioners new to the heroic journey of self-realization may wonder whether their various practices – such as Deep Conscious Breathing, Self-Talk, Contemplation, Meditation, etc. –...

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