The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History


The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History

by Dave Emery


An ocean of gratitude to Dave Emery – your NEU fellow at the School of Consciousness & Spirituality – for gifting us with this resource. Check out Dave’s REAL History online Workshop (recorded replay)

Approaching Storm ~ photo courtesy of Rev Dr Ash from her private collection



Of course, you already KNOW that nothing is as it seems in this realm and certainly not in the history we have been expected to believe. Let me give you a brief ‘heads-up’ as to what has really happened.


First:   You are NO ‘accident’ of Nature – and you are NOT the result of the breedings of Chimps, Lemurs, Orang-Utans or any ape-like being.

And you didn’t eventually jump out of the forests of Africa 200,000 years ago and wander the globe and in the process, populate it!

You WERE ‘seeded’ here but not by accident and it was your consciousness that was seeded – NOT your physical body!

Your physical form is the result of your consciousness being aligned at its Pure and Perfect Consciousness level with a ‘God-Seed’ race / species line of ‘hominid-intent’.

That Pure, radiation-consciousness lowered its ‘frequency-of-consciousness’ in order to enter the External, Holographic Worlds of illusion and took ‘physical’ matter-form through the electro-tonal (light-sound) standing-waves of scalar resonance which manifested as crystalline particles in the form of a ‘hominid’ sentient being – but YOU are Consciousness.

You always have been and you will ALWAYS be so.


Second:   Before the ‘Biblical’ Flood (there have been many huge floods in deep history and all of them much bigger than the Biblical one!) but before that flood Humanity existed throughout MANY astounding civilisations, from Lemuria to Atlantis.

But the Biblical Flood which occurred in 9558 B.C., shattered the high-tech possibilities for Humanity in one brief moment in time and nothing was the same ever again – until – NOW!

In 9558 B.C. we entered what is known as ‘The Stone Age’ and our ‘history’ repeatedly tells us that we were ‘primitive’ and focused only on survival and that civilisation for us BEGAN around 7,000 B.C. when we learned to stay in one place, learned to read and write and to ‘grow’ things.

Since those times we are informed about how ‘advanced’ we have become and for sure we have Smart-Phones, fast cars, aeroplanes and, we are told, have had some of our brethren walk on the Moon!

And yet – in spite of this astounding ‘advancement’ – wars and famine and poverty and inequality and disease and death remain as prominent as ever! Just as they were in The Stone Age!

So – if we are essentially Pure and Perfect Consciousness (as I believe we intrinsically are), then HOW on Earth have we managed to be so spectacularly unsuccessful at creating the lives and the ‘civilisations’, we truly want?


Because WE (real Angelic Humans who were seeded OUT of Pure Perfect Consciousness) have NOT been in control of the geo-political and social life-energies of our Earth-realm SINCE 9558 B.C.


Third:   If WE have not been in control, then who on Earth has?

I can hear you wonder about the ‘movers and shakers’ of history that we have been told have existed in every land on Earth and we might wonder, if they were NOT in control, then who behind them actually was?

I mean, what about the ‘Royals’ of every land, the kings and queens we have read about? Or the famous warlords or the great statesmen, the generals, the law-givers, the priests and the popes and the wise men of the east and of the forests and caves; surely all of these astonishing humans MUST have shaped our world and mostly for the better.

Well, did they?

Ask yourself, has ANY ’royal’ personage, for example, mentioned as ‘real’ in our history, created permanent and wonderfully successful living for our whole world?

What about a politician? Or a law-giver. They may all have contributed locally to temporary joys but not for the world or permanently.

No – none of them have and yet I know that if YOU were given ubiquitous power over all the wealth and possibility of the world YOU would want love and joy and happiness and peace and abundance – for all – forever. Wouldn’t you?

Of course, there is probably a tiny voice inside you that MIGHT say, ‘Well, yes, but that’s all just a dream and life isn’t like that. There’s always despair and death and unhappiness, it’s part of our human condition!’

Ah ha – and you know I’ve heard that ‘voice’ echo in a thousand history texts!

And I would say – ‘Really? I don’t believe it!’

 And I would say that because if we ARE Pure, Perfect Consciousness in essence then our human ‘condition’ SHOULD have manifested as peace and joy and love – because THAT is (in essence) who we really are and what we really seek!

Don’t we?


Fourth:   So ok then, let’s cut to the dramatic part of what I’m suggesting.

If our civilisations have NOT been controlled by we humans in various forms, then who or what HAS been controlling them – IF all of life is NOT just a daily ‘accidental condition’!

Off-Planet Beings!

Or – EBE’s (Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities). You know, semi-etheric beings from (Dimensions 4 / 5 / 6) or even etheric (dimensions 7 / 8 / 9).

THEY have been operating our geo-political-socio-economic and psychic lives from behind an unseen curtain of semi-etheric frequency!

We can’t ‘see’ them but they can see us and they influence our decisions daily through the psychic realms of dreams and nightmares and substance abuse and sexual distortions and low-energy frequency resonance and through HAARP mechanisms and sound-pulse technologies.

They also utilise all our ‘high-tech’ electrical equipment which is SO prevalent everywhere and which many of us simply cannot do without.

I can hear some of you laughing and saying, ‘Yeh right! Little grey beings hiding in a closet somewhere!’

Well, in that case, let me ask you . . .

If an entity of any sort (even a government entity or agency or advertising company) wanted to influence your daily living, would it / they ever even think of maybe passing information into your subconscious, so that you might – perhaps – be unknowingly influenced and act as THEY would hope you would?

Is that possible? I mean – have you EVER been influenced subconsciously by anything psychic, or that invaded your subconscious, in your life?

Like, how many people truly believed in the Covid ‘pandemic’ and became fearful and took a vaccine to save themselves (and Humanity) WITHOUT actually knowing ANY of the scientific details? They received the information, often at a deep subconscious level – and acted as they were instructed.

Seriously – of course that happens. It’s happened to ME. I know it has!

But talking ‘historically’ how could such a thing impact the course of history? I mean, surely that’s a ridiculous stretch of my imagination.

Let me give you just ONE example out of a probable thousand I could offer!


336 B.C. Macedonia.

King Philip is assassinated and his son – Alexander (soon to be ‘Great’), takes the throne.

His mother, Olympias, was a powerful woman who knew what she wanted and it was a god-like destiny for her son.

She encouraged him to drink a hallucinogen, popular at the time, and he sank into a dreamlike state in which he saw Mount Olympus, home of the gods and saw that he was the son, not of Philip, a mere mortal, but of Zeus, king of the gods.

This ‘vision’ sustained him throughout an astounding life of unprecedented success on the battlefield and in conquering vast areas of the known world. And he did it all in just 13 years.

Just luck and right-time, right place?

No – Alexander was astrally ‘tagged’ at an early age (some ‘elite’ individuals are linked in this way to semi-etheric ‘handlers’ and some experience ‘bond-possession’ and others suffer ‘dream-capture’).

These are all psychic ‘invasions’ of the subconscious which, on consistent repeating, become a part of the personality of the being so involved.

Alexander truly BELIEVED he was the son of Zeus and that, therefore, he was perfectly protected. This played out in his amazing life.

But behind the scenes of ‘history’? Who was containing him and controlling his psychic and physical energies?

The ET group known as The Jehovian Annunaki. They were one of many warring ET groups and race-lines using Earth as a theatre for controlling our local universe. To do this they had to eliminate or reduce the efficiency of all other groups with similar agendas for Earth.

They wished to take over the huge land-area of what was then Persia as it was populated by many Angelic-Human tribes and many sites of strategic grid-power lay in those lands.

The Drakonian-Luciferian Annunaki also coveted them but the Jehovians chose Alexander as their ‘handled’ psyche because they recognised his immense and essentially ruthless desire to succeed and become ‘immortal’ through his exploits.

They did the same thing in choosing Julius Caesar 230 years later.

Alexander also had a warring legacy handed down to him by his father and he had a mother who was equally ruthless in the pursuit of power. This made Alexander the prime candidate to be used as a ‘soldier’ by the Jehovians, without them ever having to set a foot (or web) on Earth!

THIS has been the modus operandi of the beings behind the curtain on Earth for at least 200,000 years!

EVERY major war and primary revolution and invasion or diaspora has been at the psychic behest of these off-planet beings running an agenda absolutely opposed to the happiness, peace and joy of ANY human inhabitant.

They have USED Humanity in every possible way, from slaves to soldiers to food-sources and as creative workers to achieve these hidden agendas and have carefully selected and interbred with humans in order to produce specific hybrid-human ‘elites’ to run the geo-political energies of human affairs.

These elites have done so for twelve thousand years and they are still in control (until VERY recently) of all the corridors of power on Earth! No ‘ordinary’ human-being has ever managed to achieve immense power in this world without the assistance of these ET handlers.

Our real history is in fact, the catalogue of ET agendas which have manifested AS the events in our history, including every major war and every continental invasion.

Our next instalment of REAL History will focus on the primary events written about in our records and will reveal the REAL intent behind what we were told was their geo-political purpose.

Prepare for some shocking insights and the realisation that indeed, NOTHING was what it seemed!





Historical Pathway

Saxons and Vikings all happened around 600 A.D?

No – try 20,000 B.C.

No-one really knows why the Mayans died out.

How about Annunaki Thoth drove them out in 3,650 B.C. and they mostly escaped to Florida.

The Sumerians began our civilization around 3,000 B.C.?

No – try 8,900 B.C.

Moses took the ‘Jews’ out of captivity to the Promised Land?

No – try the fact that he was a Jehovian Annunaki hybrid and his NON ‘Jewish’ peoples, instructed to destroy the Hebrews.

In 31 B.C. the Romans just had another Civil War and turned into an ‘Empire?

Not really, try the fact that the Luceferian Annunaki took over Rome FROM the Jehovian Annunaki.

‘Jesus’ was the Son of God and died for our sins on the Cross.

Jeshuea 12 Sananda Melchizedek was a 12th Dimensional Avatar who incarnated on Earth to infuse sacred frequency-codes into Earth in preparation for the times we are in right now. And he did NOT die on any cross!

The Cathars were a weird religious group who got burned by the French king in 1244 A.D.

The Cathars were an Angelic Human sect who followed the Kristiac Sacred Ways and who held sacred artefacts of Krstic power and information. The Pope of the time was the entity who wanted them dead and the artefacts found along with the vital information and he was pyschically driven by the Luciferian Annunaki.

Henry 8th of England was a rich king who wanted a son so he married a lot of women.

Henry 8th became a pivotal subject in history because the Jehovian Annunaki wanted to control the discovery of America through making London the financial and military centre of the world (Rome was the ‘spirit’ centre). His shift in religious direction gave impetus to the secular powers of The State and increased control over the peoples of the world.

The Russian Revolution happened because the rich kings and nobles treated their people very badly.

The Russian Revolution happened because the Rothschild and Rockefeller human-hybrids wanted to destroy Russia from within for their own interests and because, behind them, the Jehovian Annunaki had always hated the Russian genomic powers of Angelic DNA and wanted it eliminated.

Hitler lost the Second World War because he was a mental-case and attacked Russia stupidly.

Hitler lost the war he SHOULD have won because the ET beings giving him atomic information withdrew their support and went over to the Allies and gave the atomic secrets to the USA!

The wars in Bosnia and Serbia etc happened because they are a very aggressive group of nations there.

The fighting in those lands happened because the G7 powers under the direction of ET’s wanted to test the sonic-pulse, psychotronic powers of their sound weapons, designed to fracture behavioural coding and DNA alignments and to influence aggressive behaviours. Those nations were just more likely to respond than say some other, more compliant populations.

These are just some of the events in our history that have been heavily influenced by beings behind the curtain of covert control. The real truths of these events have always been kept hidden from us.





An ocean of gratitude to Dave Emery, your NEU fellow at the School of Consciousness & Spirituality, for gifting all with his writings. Check out Dave’s astonishing REAL History online Workshop:







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