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earth-ship construction course – sample template resource

NewEarth Special Project: Earth-ship Construction Course – Australia 2017 (This course has ended.  Students may wish to use this sample template resource for educational study.)   be part of a unique hands-on earth-ship community construction course This will be a three-week course, Live-in Retreat that will cover the Fundamentals...

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new earth design metric of the five elements: earth

  Compiled by faculty members of the School of Science & Design Innovation at the NewEarth University (NEU) NEU’s Design & Development discipline (the D & D) from the School of Science & Design Innovation espouses a harmonizing metric of the platonic solids in the design and creation of...

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new earth haven community integrative layout template (video)

  This is a 20-second overview (aerial view) of NewEarth Project Haven template visioning from the Design & Development discipline of NEU’s School of Science & Design Innovation.  Explore this integrative layout for a conscious community featuring central facility domes surrounded by dome homes and related design structures nestled...

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dome clusters from new earth project (article)

  From the faculty of the Design & Development discipline (The D & D) at NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation, this brief article with illustrations covers the NewEarth bio-architecture dome clusters and floor plans. new earth dome clusters and floor plans Mimicking the way nature creates...

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bio-arc domes at the new earth project

  the phi-ve dome A modular concept design that specifically designed for use at retreat and healing centers functioning primarily as an enhanced energy-carrier.  The angles created within a five-sided structure actualize one of the most powerful shapes for creating implosive fields. The Phi-ve Dome also creates a pent-pyramid...

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