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screaming to sleep: moral imperative to end ‘cry it out’

This resource (article) was shared on NE social media by Linda Hamilton. Excerpt: Gross misconceptions about what constitutes normal sleep patterns in infancy and early childhood abound, even in professional circles.  In both methods of CIO described above, babies and/or toddlers are repeatedly left alone to fall into cycles...

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infant health with michael trout

Visit this website, the infant parent institute for resources: www.infant-parent.com To order a free digital download of “They Took My Parent Away:  Little Ones Affected by Incarceration Speak”, contact www.theknowledgecenteratchaddock.com.

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circumcision information

  National Organization of Circumcision / Information Resource Centers – NOCIRC (Link takes you out of the NEU site): www.nocirc.org  an NGO, educational non-profit submitted by faculty volunteers of the Health & Wellness School. Now called, Genital Autonomy (2016) (Mountain Storm Photo by Dr N Ash, courtesy of her...

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creative parenting

  Creative parenting resource portal submitted by faculty volunteers at the School of Health & Wellness.  Note: link takes you out of the NEU site:  www.creativeparenting.com

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holistic parenting resource (website)

  Faculty members of the School of Health & Wellness champion sovereignty, conscious conception, conscious birth, conscious parenting, conscious life and conscious dying.  A paradigm of Holistic Parenting is paramount to new ways of being.  One of many resources submitted by team volunteers, a portal from Founder/Director of The...

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