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state-of-the-art nutrition

the best nutrition possible for your overall health & well-being Having entered the School of Health & Wellness, we recommend at the gate that you review key Wellness Sovereignty insights.  Engaged in this life-changing new earth paradigm we suggest you now consider what kind of a diet would best support...

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alkalinity – life force energy (article)

here's how life-force energy works: it’s all about conductivity pulsing without obstruction…the next thing to understand is that the human body is alkaline acidic substances, which make up the bulk of today’s mainstream diet, do not conduct energy as alkaline substances do The more sun-fed and hydrating a food is,...

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your gentle diet transition

we appreciate that everyone has a different set of circumstances, different health goals, different tastes, a different lifestyle, and budget, etc. we simply offer information and a lovely transitional bridge to help you start healing even with just the smallest adjustments that you are ready to incorporate slow and...

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good food combining

ensuring digestive ease Food combining is extremely helpful as it ensures maximum digestive ease, which equates to maximum nourishment, minimal blockages, and prevention of fermentation and the development of pathogens. (Gratitude to former NEUniversity fellow, Natalia Rose for this content.)

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