your gentle diet transition

we appreciate that everyone has a different set of circumstances, different health goals, different tastes, a different lifestyle, and budget, etc.

we simply offer information and a lovely transitional bridge to help you start healing even with just the smallest adjustments that you are ready to incorporate

slow and steady works best for some; flying leaps work better for others

We encourage you to walk the transition bridge with reverence to where you have come from, where you are now and where your spirit is leading you. We applaud you no matter how fast or how slow you decide to go. The transition-bridge provides a gentle way of moving towards a more water-containing plant based diet, with full appreciation of your previous diet-lifestyle and emotional connections to perhaps less-than-ideal foods.

In addition, those who have particularly compromised lineage will do best if they transition slowly. The more compromised your lineage and diet history, the slower your transition must be.

If you’re going to do it, do it consciously…

Consciousness is key:  Even if you decide to continue to consume less desirable substances, we suggest that you are better off for being fully conscious of it. This way, you are making a free-will choice rather than a hypnotized choice. It’s okay to do something consciously – knowing full well the price the body and mind may have to pay as a result. It’s not okay to do things unconsciously, unaware of the price, deflecting your personal responsibility. When you are conscious, you are taking full responsibility – a vital quality of the sovereign man/woman.

And, Oh the confusion!

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar business so once again, we must see how the information we have been given is greatly manipulated to keep us on the proverbial hook.  With the rare exception, all have been gimmicks.  The news media, FDA, AMA, fashion magazines and celebrities alike have been churning out conflicting, confusing information about what is the perfect diet.

Understandably, you may be very confused.  Most certainly, you have a set of programs embedded in your mind around this subject. It is not our place to tell you what is right for you or to override these programs. It is instead for us to share what we know about the ideal diet for man/woman today and why we feel it is true, illuminating the subject matter so you can come to your own conclusions. Should what we share resonate with you, great.

Should it spark an interest to consider it more deeply and do your own research – wonderful.

start with green juice!

From Natalia Rose’s Extremely Green Detox Guidebook, 2013.

  • Greens are the quintessential primordial food — when you juice greens you are drinking synthesized sunlight, the source of life in our cosmos.
  • Green juice magnetizes the old waste from deep in the cells and tissues for release, one of two essential steps for real detoxification.
  • The life-force of the plant is in the liquid. You cannot get the same result from powdered greens, no matter how nutrient packed they are.
  • One glass of green juice has the life force, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids of several pounds of greens.
  • There is no digestion needed — the value and qualities of the green juice go straight to the cellular level like an intravenous injection.
  • Green juice helps to re-mineralize the teeth and bones, which we often forget are living tissue and can be strengthened given the chance.
  • Green juice will help neutralize acidic substances we consume or are exposed to in our environment.
  • If coated the following day in green juice, the alkaline substance will help prevent acidic foods from sticking in the intestinal tissue as it would do otherwise. This is why green juice is not optional if there is any acidity in the diet.
  • Green juice is the color of the heart chakra (LOVE) and carries the frequency of all that applies to every cell it reaches, elevating the body to a more loving state with every sip.
  • Green juice contains organic water, one of the purest sources of water we have in today’s world where so much of our water supply has been contaminated.
  • Bonus: Wheatgrass contains 12 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids (ones that we don’t make but have to take in) making it a complete protein source

Food for thought: A clean-celled body can synthesize this life-force brimming food into whatever the body requires. Enjoy the abundant variety of organic, water-containing foods you are drawn to with the confidence that your body will extract what is needed and use that life force and it’s properties to regenerate absolutely anything that’s required (especially if it is grown on our land as the seeds will know us). This frees us from the protein, calcium and supplement myths.

However, wherever life-force can be delivered in concentrated amounts such as in green vegetable juice or oxygen-therapy, you will give your body much more to work with.

support for further self-study

To encourage and support you in this journey, we encourage you to explore the recommended Detox the World products and courses.

recommended self-study courses:

  • Ph Detox
  • Maximum Purification
  • 3-day & 10-day packaged juice fasts
  • Extremely Green Detox
  • Recommended Books for New Earth Nation participants
  • Emotional Eating SOS
  • The Rose Cleanse

Personal Consultations with Rose-certified counselors at Detox the World are available to New Earthers.  You can reach out to them directly at  They offer private consultations, group courses and individually-tailored programs.

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