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Ascension is possible NOW! by Jane Evershed

  An ocean of gratitude to Jane Evershed, your NEU faculty member & director at the School of The Living Arts, for gifting us with these writings: Ascension is Possible NOW! Click 7-pg PDF below: Ascension is possible NOW! Shared at the 15 January ’24 Lazarus Initiative (special event): Beyond...

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Thou Art, Art (article) by faculty, Jane Evershed

  Thou Art, Art. Article written by Master Artist Jane Evershed, faculty at NEU’s School of the Living Arts, discipline of Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts Note: Gratitude to the author for sharing her beauty-full painting: Homo Spiritus Rearranging the Space/Time Continuum     Where have all...

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The Future of Teaching Art by Jane Evershed (article)

    Written by Jane Evershed, School of The Living Arts faculty at the NewEarth University The Future of Teaching Art: The Overall State of the Visual Arts Today; Repairing Current Art-teaching Methods and Omissions; & Why Art is Important to Humanity’s Positive Conscious Evolution Note from the Editor:...

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The Future is Art – Faculty Jane Evershed (article)

  Inspirational writing from School of The Living Arts faculty, Jane Evershed.  An award-winning longtime visual artist, Jane is passionately focused on sharing her unique art curriculum with NEU on the faculty at the Living Arts School, discipline of  Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts. Check out her...

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