The Resurrection of Art by Jane Evershed, NEU Faculty


The Resurrection of Art

by Jane Evershed, Faculty at NEU’s School of The Living Arts

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Human creativity, in case you had not heard, is in peril. Humanity is experiencing an art attack! Full recovery and resuscitation can only occur if we recognize the symptoms early enough.

In a world where certain undesirable factions constantly seek control over every area of humanity, creativity in anyform is a threat to maintaining control. We only have to note the rising levels of surveillance to verify this.

For decades now, the field of visual art has been hijacked by the upper echelons of society and twisted into a nonsensical theater of insanity. Bananas taped to walls and urinals passing as art have been made acceptable in the world of fine art. With the advent of the computer, digital art has usurped the hands-on process of making visual art thus severing the connection of human to source through an electromagnetic frequency firewall.

Now today we find that an alarming amount of synthetic elements coursing our bloodstreams are allowing an external interference into our very minds through brain interfacing of data that can influence our thoughts. This is known as BCI: Brain-Computer Interface. This direct connection created by BCI between human brains and computer hardware is an ethical and social dilemma that could remove creative thought altogether.

The band-aid for now is to try to avoid imbibing anything synthetic into our bodies and try to maintain an as organically driven organism as possible. Anything metallic is a conduit for remote control access by external forces. Graphene Oxide present in many medications is also a conduit. The second step is to promote creativity. The easiest way to do this, generationally speaking, is to teach children art. Hands-on, get muddy art!

This is such a simple and easy remedy to curtail the cyber-infiltration of our children. They are constantly receiving through screens and hardly ever outputting from themselves. Simple art activities can reverse this cybersyndrome of imbibing external, often cryptically programmed information that affect the child’s mind and can ultimately conquer it.

Just gathering a few rocks, washing them and painting them is a simple activity to start with. Coloring is also a pastime that accommodates the outward flow of creativity from within rather than the constant imbibing of external information through videos, games etc. It has been proven that creating art improves critical thinking, relieves stress and is great therapy for trauma. Stress is the number one harbinger of disease. So why are we not going art-mad on our children and teaching ourselves to start creating?



The resurrection of art is long overdue. We can do this together by reintroducing art into our lives on all levels. Our environments, our gardens, our food. Everything has a touch of art in it.

A world without art is akin to living in a grey uninspiring void where humans constantly seek external forms of excitement to replace their own creativity. Even NASA has done a years-long study on human creativity and concluded that we are all born creative geniuses but as our “education” slowly drains us of original thought over time, we reach adulthood to find it reduced to a mere smidgen of the creative genius levels we were born with.

Now that you know this, I implore you to bring on the art! Get those rocks, buy that paint and teach or learn art today! If you would like to ramp up from simple art projects and delve a little deeper, I have created a method of teaching art even if you do not consider yourself an artist. All you need to know are the ten basic steps of art, starting with drawing. I teach inspiration methods too, which most art tutorials do not teach. I also talk a lot about the importance of art on my Youtube channel called SPLAT if you would like to know more. Just remember we are all born creative geniuses, so start scribbling and watch how the essence of your creative originality begins to present itself on paper!

Be a part of the resurrection of art!



Jane Evershed teaches an inspiring online NEU workshop: Painting From The Soul (now as a recorded video replay)

To learn more visit her Courses Page:

Painting From The Soul

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