Thou Art, Art (article) by faculty, Jane Evershed


Thou Art, Art.

Article written by Master Artist Jane Evershed, faculty at NEU’s School of the Living Arts, discipline of Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts

Note: Gratitude to the author for sharing her beauty-full painting: Homo Spiritus Rearranging the Space/Time Continuum



Where have all the creatives gone?

With the prohibitive cost of an education in any of the arts and finding a way to make a living, art and creativity in general goes by the wayside as a priority as fast as an egg breaks when you drop it.

The egg shell housing the dream is smashed beyond repair, the albumin of creativity is torn, the bright yellow yolk of aspiration is smeared and the chalaza of inspiration is snapped. Even if that egg was fertilized, the little bird inside is not going to fly, let alone live.

This is all by design. In simple terms, if the arts were fully gestated and birthed within our civilization they would be fully elevated, accessible and implemented in an aesthetically evolved manner. There is no greater threat to the controllers of humanity than runaway creatives with positive innovations and beautiful solutions.

The joy of creating: painting, sculpting, writing, inventing, singing and dancing is like a dagger in the back of the overarching control mechanism that has been in place for thousands of years, maybe even millennia? It’s all about resonance and vibration. Dark forces cannot survive in the blinding light of love, empathy, compassion and an abundance of creativity. They are not creators themselves but they parasite off human creativity to foment destruction disguised as progress.

These controllers laid out a trail of crumbs for creatives that lead them unknowingly away from paradisiacal realms into a stark, joy-starved construct that only rewards artists who do their bidding, abide by their rules and compliantly fuel their long-term agenda.

I know this firsthand because I once fed their agenda with feminist visual ideologies not realizing at the time that feminism was a precursor to transhumanism which relies heavily on artificial intelligence to implement its diabolical goals. When think-tank founded institutions across the world began to normalize insanity by discarding reason and logic through intellectual jargon parsed to promote their ultimate goal of an entirely transhumanist world, we were all caught off guard. Many of us fell down hard and have not been able to self-stabilize.

The raging feminists, fired up by inequality introduced the division of male and female followed by the emasculation of women and the feminization of men. This led to a gender-blur whereupon the concept of male and female were discarded entirely in favor of multiple genders. It was now “possible” for male-born humans to menstruate, conceive, get pregnant, give birth and breastfeed! This is a psychological operation of science: Psyence, not science. If they can psyco-penetrate this far into the human body, how far have they penetrated into our creative psyches?

The denial of the sex one is born with became suddenly trendy in Hollywood in order to facilitate the acceptance of invasive mutilation of the body to “correct” what was perceived as “wrong”.  Along with the ingestion of very dangerous hormonal drugs that cause blindness and other side effects many naive souls have embraced this aberration of creation and justify it with a fierce sense of false victimhood. This determination to self-mutilate falls right in line with the misguided acceptance that we are not created perfectly and divinely in the image of Creator and therefore our bodies can justifiably be reconfigured by man to deform our original and sacred bodies through synthetic interference and cartesian hubris.

When I introduced my new art series called, “Remembering the Divine Feminine”, my art was no longer celebrated in the marketplace of ideas as my work no longer fed the long-term goal of transhumanism. Indeed, the whole concept of the divine feminine is a direct threat to transhumanists as it glorifies the organic, rejects the superficial and aligns deeply with creation and mother earth in a very spiritual manner. Negating the Divine Feminine holds humanity in 3D as she completes the act of creation itself.

Divine Feminine imagery is not welcome in the halls of academentia. They want us to forget who we really are in the grand scheme of the multiverse and the part we play in it. They do not want women to play their naturally nurturing role in our future. Why else do you think we have a Father, a Son and then who is this Holy Ghost? It’s obvious to me that she is Woman, the creator of children from whence man is birthed. One of the greatest acts of creation is the birth of a child. This natural process must be circumvented in order for transhumanists to press ahead with their scurrilous agenda. It follows then, that all human creativity is disdained when it does not align with the order of full spectrum domination, total surveillance and complete control of information, written and visual.

To fertilize and incubate babies outside the womb of woman renders women obsolete. It’s just another way to play God through the man-u-fracturing of creation. Male and female must become indistinguishable from each other for this plan to work. Hence the recently pronoun-bloviated multi-gender agenda. We know that ninety eight percent of humans are born creative geniuses as shown by a comprehensive NASA study. *  So where have all the creatives gone? They have gone the way of male and female as concepts of the backbone of creation. They were mugged and robbed on the way to the studio/home, and their perpetrators need to be charged with crimes against humanity.

Think of all the losses they have incurred to our positive evolution. Confused gender-obsessed youth tossing away their futures to irreversible life-changing surgeries during adolescence, artists sitting hunched over desks, their creative potential replaced by the bidding of their paymasters. Life-enhancing patents stolen or shelved, inventors with solutions to grave problems murdered, the list is endless.

The popular and celebrated transhumanist Yuval Noah Harari, says: “Free will is dangerous and a myth”.  Any artist will tell you that without free will there is no freedom of expression. Without freedom of expression there are no artists. As an advisor to Klaus Schwab (head of the World Economic Forum) Harari was given a worldwide platform from which to preach and his anti-human sermon was hungrily devoured by the media and spat out in “twisted acceptable terms” to mass consciousness. He dared to tell us to our faces that humanity is hackable. More like hijacked. This was the soft way of telling us that our bodies have been interfered in a myriad of ways using nanotechnologies. We are mostly unaware of these bodily intrusions and they are administered nefariously without our consent. Just one example of the plethora of foreign drugs into our systems is Scopolamine. Scopolamine is listed by the World Health Organization as an “essential medicine” yet Scopolamine is known as one of the world’s most dangerous drugs. In Colombia, Scopolamine is called Devil’s Breath because people claim that it “steals your soul”. I mention this because without our souls, how are we to reach deep inside ourselves and express our innate creativity? This drug also renders one into a state of complete compliance where one loses one’s sense of self awareness and becomes obedient to the detriment of self-exhibiting no understanding of free will

This type of medication and philosophy that humanity is being subjected to has been carefully calculated to line humanity up with our demise and makes us malleable to parasitic overlords. If we allow humanity to reach this point you can be sure there will be no room for the expression of creatives or artists of any kind. Harari is one of the guards who tend this authoritarian, human/hamster wheel of slavery like a vulture waiting for its prey to die. Through mass publications across the planet, they have laid out their crumbs so that starving creatives would be led to the City of Mundane on the banks of the River Malaise. Once arrived, they are presented with the parable of the propagandist transhumanist army that states:


Thou shalt pay thy bills,

Thou shalt worship

At the feet

Of our god of scarcity

And evil

Lest ye stray from this path

Thou shalt be

Absolutely negated

For evermore

That ye may never

Live out your purpose

Nor heart’s desire.

Thou shalt not create

A world of your dreams,

But of ours.


And there you have it! Famous and wealthy artists – from pop stars to painters – only ever get wealthy if they can be put to work to further this globalist agenda. Anyone not conforming to their standards is deemed a failure by default.  In other words success requires one to sell their soul and lure the rest of humanity with them into this web where: “you will own nothing and be happy.” Anyone who steps out of line is destroyed by the system that these dark forces control. We have seen this with courageous whistle blowers – it is no different for artists who are often wont to buck the system.

All is not lost!

As we awaken en masse the matrix is revealing itself for what it is. Due to the internet, we have the people-power to bypass established mainstream paths. Recognition and fame of the puppets they wanted us to follow and mimic are no longer able to be force-fed into the mass consciousness. Everyday people are skirting the algorithms and being realized and celebrated for their contributions.  The fame-designation game is no longer able to be controlled exclusively within the domain of the globalists and their social media Goliaths.

We should be preparing for humanity’s victory!

Are you ready?

The distractions of bills and unilateral contracts, unjustified wars, superficial status standards to adhere to, censorship of reason and all things that deprive humanity of their sovereignty must be discarded now. Humanity has almost surmounted all the instituted methods used to quash us. As we help one other, give support when a man is down, a woman in need, a child suffering, a government overriding the will of the people, we lift each other gradually out of this pit that our world has become. We emerge from the creative stagnation that bred maggots of spiritual lack and will. No more!

Now imagine a world where creative stamina is the norm! We are here! Express yourself in the way that Prime Creator intended. As we reach the precipice of the coming Golden Age awaken the sleeping creative neurons in your brain. Regenerate your DNA. Reclaim the original magic of your heart and the deft skills of your hands. When our vibrations are high, authoritarianism is smothered, when we laugh in the face of silly statutes, they crumble, when we decide to wear our shiny disco sovereign shoes we start to dance in an existence surrounded by beauty, compassion and free will.  We revere our precious egg of creativity endowed upon us at birth, we tend it vigilantly that we may never drop and break it.

How did we forget what Earth is for? It is to enjoy, to celebrate, to marvel at and co-create with. My personal journey to seek the true purpose of art has led me to the alter of human creativity; it is the key to a blissful future. Dare to draw that stick figure you emphatically said that you couldn’t. Nurture your creative self.  Visualize a world pristine and healed. Imagine the creation of a new earth where humanity is risen to heights not yet achieved by any of the greatest civilizations that preceded us. Here, in this yet unimagined place, you are blessed with a new parable:


Thou shalt

Live forever in abundance

Seated at the right hand

Of Prime Creator Source

Bathed in the crystalline love and light

Of freedom and creativity

That ye may live

Your truest purpose

Your hearts’ desire

In a world of

Your dreams

Where your highest calling

Is fully realized

Toward the benefit

Of all.


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Jane Evershed, senior faculty advisor at NEU’s School of The Living Arts

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