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the web of life by fritjof capra (pdf)

  Fritjof Capra is one of the leading scientists in the growing field of systems theory.  His research is fundamental to the holistic world view underpinning a new level of comprehending life with its uncountable interdependencies.  Gratitude for the access to 71 pages of his 1996 book, The Web...

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gregg braden – unprecedentend interview

  Watch Gregg Braden, best-selling author of many books including, The Divine Matrix, in this inspiring 30-minute interview. A must-watch for anyone who wishes to improve the way in which they see and perceive what we call, reality, through the secret of feeling-based prayer. “The heart has no ego.”...

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wade davis: the potential of traditional knowledge

Wade Davis, is Professor of Anthropology and the BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia. Mr Davis is an award winning anthropologist, ethnobotanist, filmmaker and photographer. Formerly an Explorer-in Residence at the National Geographic in Washington DC, he is the bestselling...

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“river of stones” elusive giant megaliths in europe

Unusual, mysterious historic sites, “River of Stones” in Europe and elsewhere around the world are featured in this intriguing video showing many elusive giant megaliths from Sigiriya to France and a magic realm of formations like “elf” castles in Bulgaria. After publishing (2016) it became clear that the many...

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alex grey paintings & website

 The Mission of Art “Alex Grey might be the most significant artist alive. In a world gone postmodern, bereft of meaning and value, cut loose on a sea of irony and indifference, Alex is taking a stunning stand: there is a God, there is Spirit, there is a transcendental...

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