Within NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality is the core discipline of Spirituality, in which our faculty and associated fellows research and explore – from depths-of-the-heart – this vast transformative subject.  They share wisdom-knowledge gleaned through a pure-truth filter of the six main pillars of new earth spirituality.


  • To help maintain the energetic source-code of NEU and the entire NewEarth Community.
  • To create cutting-edge course curricula and inspiring programs in the areas of Interspirituality, Soul-Sovereignty, and Transformational Consciousness, etc.
  • Organically develop, in tandem with other NEU faculty and NewEarth members, an all-inclusive global consciousness community.
  • Provide an interspiritual framework and network to support and honor all traditions.
  • Research and share spirituality-related resources to embed within the NEU Library.
  • Continue aligning and collaborating with exemplary individuals and groups from all spiritual traditions.


six main pillars of new earth spirituality

Six points of spiritual vision follow one, from the other:

Spirituality In Action

Interconnection and Oneness

Evolutionary Non-Duality

Conscious Co-Creative Synergy

Quantum Revolution from the Zero-Point Field

Unity in Balanced Feminine and Masculine Principles


Note:  For a comprehensive articulation of the Six Pillars of New Earth Spirituality, please review that content here in the NEU Library.


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