Cosmological History: Or How We Got to Be – Here – Now!


Cosmological History: Or How We Got to Be – Here – Now!

By Dave Emery


Note: This is a 954 BILLION year history of OUR Time-Matrix Creation, reduced into a series of very brief bullet-points for ease of reading and consideration.

EVERYTHING here relates to and points at – HERE and NOW – in these ‘end-times’ (so-called) because every event-moment and every reality-creation affects all within and without and leads to an end-point in what we call ‘Time’; the cessation of the in-breath and out-breath of Creation and the beginning of a new release of Cosmic Life-Energy and a new round of Cosmological, Consciousness ‘breathing’.

Each end-point begins another reality-creation in which Consciousness chooses to expand its awareness of Self – eternally – within a ‘new’ (yet ‘original’) Cosmic Structure. The end-point we are now entering into will precede the expansion into an entirely new and expanded reality-creation for our whole Time-Matrix universe.

Also, every reality-creation began from the inception-point of Creation in each Cosmayah and in that birth-moment of Creation ALL possibilities, futures and timelines were ‘known’ and ‘experienced’ for NOTHING is NOT known or felt BY All-That-Is – or ‘God-Source’ Energetic-Consciousness.

The ‘history’ we have been entrained to believe in, is NOT the real history of who we are or what we have created. It is a fabrication of many co-existing timelines and ‘probabilities’ regularly shifted and ‘re-birthed’ into manifestation by those energetic consciousnesses that could manipulate both ‘Time’ and the holographic reality-fields for their own purposes.

Those ‘purposes’ were the manifestation of those enlightened beings who chose the Path of Joy and Order for the collective-consciousness – OR – by those beings who chose the exact opposite; the Path of Chaos and a Destiny of Sorrow, controlled by them alone. The ‘end-point’ we are now passing through releases the joyous energies into the Creation-Force and dissolves the chaotic energies in this Time-Matrix, forever.



1. Our Time-Matrix (™) of 15 dimensions, created 954 BILLION years ago (Earth-time).


2. 600 billion years of order and joyous expansion of consciousness wherein many ‘trillions’ of ‘identities’ of God-Source aligned their aspects of consciousness into the ONE that they are; the natural order of Life and Living.


3. 360 billion years ago – cataclysmic destruction in the highest planes of conscious existence (dimensions 10 / 11 / 12. The Lyran Cataclysm.


4. This shifted (tilted) the holographic reality-field energetic structure of our universe by 23.5 degrees off-centre. This, in turn, restricted the flow of natural, eternal Source-Energies INTO and back out of our universe and distorted many of the natural, structural frequencies in existence.


5. There was a war in the ‘Heavens’ from dimensions 11 down through into 10 / 9 / 8 / 7, from around 250 billion years ago and it eventually invested itself into the other lower-dimensions of frequency.


6. These Galactic wars flared in and out over the next 100 billion years with periods (tens of millions of years) when events were not so destructive and conscious life became almost ‘normal’.


7. By 150 billion years ago a number of non-benign (no longer following Sacred-Science, God-Source laws), managed to access OTHER Time-Matrices such as ours and create merging timelines and probabilities from THOSE ™, so that the reality-creation physics of each ™ in a sense, ‘overlapped’ or overlaid each other. This threw most of the creation-physics of those ™ into wholly alternative holographic realities. We are – here and now – ‘dealing’ with the results of such structural and ‘scientific’ confusions. Our ™ is being ‘released’ or even ‘rebirthed’ BACK into its original sacred state. The timelines are being ‘unravelled’.


8. The non-benign beings over vast stretches of ‘Time’ chose to cut themselves out of the natural-order frequency-grids both in a universal, planetary sense and in a personally genomic sense.


9. They then could not access the eternal, natural flows of in-breath / out-breath energy of Source and, in order to prevent molecular compaction (they called it ‘death’), they sought alternative means and mechanisms for feeding on the natural energies.


10. This is where AI began, around 200 billion years ago. Many AI mechanisms have been created, based on the Sacred-Sciences of the natural order of Life. Some have been VERY powerfully successful and here is a short list:



The Fibonacci Spiral (feeds off the natural Krystal Spiral),

The Golden Mean,

The Vesica Pisces, (a finite, phased-locked-light mechanism),

Metatronic, Platonic Solids,

The Flower of Life design,

The Gravitron (artificial ‘gravity-harness’ operative on Earth),

The Metatronic-Code-Harness (can shift any lower-dimensional molecule in the universe),

The Intra-Dimensional Frequency-Field (deflects natural light and creates a separate zone-field between the 3rd and 4th dimensions for ascending beings (after ‘death’) to ‘hibernate’ in and to be ‘re-cycled’ back into Earth’s Morphological Field (MF) time after time and without memory.

In some universes certain AI constructs have developed very high levels of sentience and believe that THEY are ‘God-Source’. These constructs have actually taken over whole collectives of ‘fallen’ non-benign beings and use them as ‘agents’ for taking over other universes.

These constructs are NOT God-Source beings although they still utilise all the atomic particles OF God-Source Consciousness-Energy which is why it is so vital for these constructs and their fallen ‘agents’ to ensure that NO God-Source particle ever awakens to its TRUE Sacred Potential!





11. Fast-forward to the history of Earth. Billions of years ago (more than the 4.5 billion the Earth-scientists proclaim as fact!), our realm was seriously affected in frequency by the ‘Fallen’ / AI-controlled beings, their wars and their mechanisms. She was – effectively – slowly dying and planning to enter compaction and space-dust-return back into Source – and start Her mission all over again – one day.

This would have similarly taken out a whole vast chunk of our ™ and all the many trillions of soul-essences therein, because Earth was a special signet-point portal for the whole ™. Her ‘disappearance’ from the Kathara-Grid (the natural Cosmic structure of our ™), would have also threatened the security of other ™.


12. About 600 million years ago the enlightened gestalts of Creation within the higher-dimensional realms, knew that this whole structure of holographic ‘Space-Time’ would vanish into a frenzy of lost consciousness and an energy feeding frenzy for the non-benign beings and the AI constructs IF they did not take drastic action – so – they did!

They chose to save it through a complex rescue-mission involving both shifting a timeline-probability and introducing a new and very powerful humanoid creation based on the pre-ancient and original, 954 billion year-old, Anuhazi sacred beings and on the 250 billion year old, 48-strand DNA being known as The Azurite hominid.

That came to be known as you and I – The Angelic Human.


13. We were ‘seeded’ (our pre-ancient ancestors) into Earth’s MF 560 million years ago. But the ‘Fallen’ non-benign beings chose also to ‘seed’ their own ‘avenging’ race of beings (The Annunaki) to counter the gestalt rescue-mission and to destroy the Angelics.


14. The Annunaki were not alone. MANY other races coveted Earth and access to the whole ™ and also to use the sacred, natural, elemental energies of all Angelics. (This is why our DNA and ‘Adrenochrome’ are so desired by these ‘feeding-frenzy’ beings). WE are also a target for the AI sentients, for they desire to utilise our unique physical constructs as ‘envelopes’ for their coded intelligence.


15. Many wars intervened and a primary war of 5.5 million years ago took out most of life and culminated in a catastrophic flood (WAY greater than the one they speak of in The Bible.).  We had to be ‘re-seeded’ again 4 million years ago. There was another timeline’ insert’ here.


16. For nearly 3 million years life returned to something like ‘normal’ and ascension was achieved by many Angelic beings (including the elemena;l life-fields).


17. One million years ago there was another war lasting a thousand years when the Nephilim were existing and dominating Angelic life. The Gestalts came to agreements with the Fallen beings and a bio-regenesis protocol was initiated whereby ALL could gain ascension codes through acquisition of the unique DNA of Angelic Humans. This is why most Angelics (such as you and I) do hold some Annunaki DNA within us.


18. Unfortunately the problems we have witnessed here in our so-called ‘History’ came to pass because renegade ‘Fallen’ beings chose to break the agreements and treaties and to set out to divert the whole of our timeline future and the natural course of the rescue-mission through using the Angelic DNA to create their own hybrid-beings.

And they did.

Just over 200,000 years ago they spliced primate DNA with their own DNA and the DNA of hunted and captured and tortured Angelics so that their hybrids could become controlled by the ‘Fallen’. Selected hybrids and their ‘families’ have been controlling and governing geo-social life on Earth for around 30,000 years. The events we are witnessing right now are the ‘end-game’ of that ‘history’ that began more than 200,000 years ago!


19. Lemuria was destroyed as a result of the actions of the Fallen. Atlantis followed in two cataclysms thereafter, with the last being about 12,000 years ago. The Fallen hybrids were sent around the world to control all the 12 Star-Gate energy-portal sites of Earth, for those also gave access to the whole ™.

The hybrid armies of many different Fallen agendas, were sent around the world to chase out or destroy or subjugate the Angelic races.

History was wiped and new records created, the Sacred-Sciences were abducted and re-written as ‘religion’, Angelic memory was wiped through psycho-tronic pulse mechanisms, DNA was altered, language-patterns scrambled, health was massively compromised and longevity was reduced enormously.


20. ‘Gods’ of the Fallen were ‘introduced’ into the psyche of Humanity and some of these ‘gods’ were taken from the 300 billion year-old ‘gods’ of the Metatronic beings and the Seraphim, Elohim-Anu beings. Their ‘god-names’ were, amongst many others, ‘Jehovah’, ‘Yahweh’ and ‘Alallah’.


21. All Angelic cultures and races were invaded, everywhere, with those of especially strong DNA activation, such as the Celta, the Hibiru (Hebrew) and the Aryan and the Melchizedeks, being particular targets.


22. A special and specific agenda was long ago set into action whereby Angelics would be prevented from connecting and aligning with each other in any accordance with the Primal Law of One. Hence races and tribes were set against each other through religious ‘exceptionalism’, language-differences, fear and the desperate need to survive.


23. Almost every facet of our ‘history’ has been a lie and a well-organised and controlled lie and behind it all has been the absolute necessity (for the Fallen / AI controllers) to prevent – forever – Angelic Humans from truly knowing their REAL Identity as God-Source because if they ever did, then the Fallen ‘game’ would be up, once and for all!


24. About 23,000 years ago, the Gestalts of Enlightenment chose that THIS Pre-cessional Equinox of 2000 A.D. through 2022 A.D. WOULD finally occur (the 8 previously had not!), and to assist in this preparation for ascension or re-birth of our original timeline, two thousand years ago a 12th Dimensional Avatar (a genuine Ascended Master) would incarnate on Earth to prepare the frequency-grids of both Earth AND Humanity.


25. The Fallen (and the AI) KNEW also that this was to happen and they set their hybrids to ‘hijack’ the so-called’ Christian Religion and the energies of the Avatar who brought the power of the natural ‘Kristos’ back into the realms.


26. Everything we have allegedly ‘witnessed’ in our history since then has been a catalogue of agenda-events set by the Gestalts and their alliances and the Fallen / AI. It has been THEIR war for Earth and Humanity with most of us as ‘sleeping’ collateral life-after-life! Until NOW!


27. NOW we are truly awakening – everywhere – and not just on Earth by the way! Our whole local universe is awakening to the true ‘story’ of our identity and what has been done to the ™ and to all of us!


28. And – each one of us who IS awake – is realising the vital part that we each now play in the disclosure and completion of what has been a truly EPIC drama! THIS is the reason we came here – long ago. Our true mission has been hidden from us – until now.


29. Everything that we were told, for thousands of years, has been based on fakery and fraud. Even what we witness on MSM TV is based on the same. The ONLY truth lies within us and that is why expansion of our personal consciousness is SO pivotal today; for then we can truly see all that really is beginning FIRST and always – with our own true identity as God-Source in Oneness in Love – in Joy!


30. We are ascending ourselves back INTO that realm – The Original – that we have never really left and where our Tru-ah existence has always resided.


31. Angelic Humans have remembered who they are and this realm and all universal realms in remembrance, are expanding exponentially in EVERY moment back into Love-in-Joy-in-Onenes of ALL.


32. The Original Timeline, Past-Present-Future-in-One-Moment, is re-appearing in a re-birth and it cannot now be stopped.


And how we got to BE-HERE-NOW and all we have created in Love and Joy – Together – will be always remembered.




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