Return to Agapi Intro Workshop by Maria Benardis



Return to Agapi: Intro to Ancient Greek Health & Wellness by Maria Benardis

Online Workshop – Recorded Video REPLAY ONLY

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NewEarth University presents

Return to Agapi: Intro to Ancient Greek Health & Wellness

  • Faculty: Maria Benardis, NEU School of Health & Wellness

  • Presentation: 2.5 hour workshop powerpoint lecture; meditation

  • Content: NEU ACCESS to Workshop Video Recording-REPLAY

    • This Video is not downloadable; therefore you will not own it

    • You have ACCESS to study the REPLAY at the NEU website

    • PDFs: Yes, Downloadable

  • Enrollment: Open

  • Language: English

  • Tuition: $58.00 USD

NOTE: NEU policy does not offer payment plans or partial tuition, and there are no refunds for Workshop Video-Replays. Instructor’s photography may be Copyrighted ©

This presentation (designed for anyone: newbies… to experts) provides an excellent overview to the study of Agapi-based Health & Wellness. It also introduces you to Maria’s teaching methodology, stirring within your Soul inspiration to apply wellness techniques from the Ancient Greeks.

Workshop fundamentals with a powerpoint/lecture

  • What is AGAPI (agape)?

  • How to live your life on the energy frequency of Agapi (aka 5D Ascension)

  • Ancient Greek Agapi-based Therapies

  • Pythagoras’ Tuning Fork Healing Frequencies

  • Food, Mind, Body, Spirit Context

  • Ancient Greek Meditation

  • Valuable tips from Maria’s experience

  • Techniques to assist you on the heroic journey to radiant health


Note from your Instructor

  • There are NO Prerequisites required for this AGAPI Workshop

What you need

  • Writing paper and pencil/pen, etc. to take notes and doodle as you feel inspired

  • Printer to print your AGAPI PDF handouts

  • It’s suggested you attend using a desktop computer or laptop for best viewing; the choice is yours

  • Workshop content at NEU website, accessed from COURSES: Agapi Page

  • LOG-IN at NEU using your NE Account credentials

    • If not, you won’t be able to access the AGAPI Workshop Page by clicking ACCESS BUTTON

Enjoy this Enlightening Presentation!

Thank you for choosing to study at the NewEarth University (NEU)

School of Health & Wellness



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