The Living Arts School announces Free Film Series from Patty Greer

From award-winning filmmaker, Patty Greer, faculty member of NEU’s School of The Living Arts, we are pleased to announce a FREE FILM PROGRAM


Patty Greer

 This special monthly film-series offers you:

1 featured movie from Patty Greer, complimentary for 30 days
FREE unlimited movie streaming for anyone, anywhere, anytime




The first film offered in this series (featuring Stanton Friedman, Sacha Stone, Richard Dolan, Mark Brasche, Michael Tellinger, Dr. David Martin, and others) is:

ne-patty-greer-4-unnamed    The Shift Has Hit The Fan



The Shift Has Hit The Fan connects the worlds of clean free energy technologies to Crop Circle messages.

ne-patty-greer-5-unnamedAn impressive array of brilliant sources define the daunting secrets of our unspoken reality, offering REAL Solutions!

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Happy Holiday Gift From Patty Greer Films





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