School of Natural Law Seminar: Greg Paul on Relationship Sovereignty

Note: The first Sovereignty Seminars with Greg Paul in 2016-17 were a success.  Stay tuned for the next inspiring presentations from Sovereign’s Way Academy:

Sovereign’s Way Academy


In collaboration with Rise Multiversity, NewEarth Project is proud to present the Sovereignty Seminars.  The online video webinars are based on an unprecedented full disclosure of our core director Greg Paul’s understanding of what Sovereignty really means.

This wisdom is grounded by his deep experiential knowledge and heart-based love for life, contagious for those ready to break-free.

If you wish to manifest a different reality now, but still experience that something is inhibiting a complete breakthrough into fruitful action, the Sovereignty Seminars are designed to bring you the keys to manifesting the life-changes you desire.

If you want to: break free from artificially imposed constraints and distortions, live the truth that resonates within your deepest heart, re-kindle organic connection to life and be supported in your own journey toward embodying true sovereignty without fear, the Sovereignty Seminars are for you.

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