Fellow Vinit Allen on Kaleidoscope TV – Sustainable World

This conscious conversation organically explores full-spectrum sustainability with Vinit Allen, founding executive director of Sustainable World Coalition, swcoalition.org. In association with the School of Socio-Economics and Ecology, and The School of The Living Arts, Vinit is an esteemed Fellow of the NewEarth University wearing many hats in life as an event producer and co-founder of Planet Earth Arts, now giving traction to the educational side of sustainability with its message: The power of the arts to transform the world.

Join this thoughtful program as they discuss the world’s pulse – creative innovations and green solutions for a new paradigm of human civilization. The Arts need to be elevated from being simply a garnish at big conferences and programs .. uplifted to a media-rich learning format showcasing Education in the Arts, which will engage our youth.

Learn how Vinit is at the vanguard of this work helping to lubricate all moving parts with a universal language of transformation through environmental theatre… and more. It’s 11:59 … the world is threatened, it’s a mess and accordingly this program addresses serious global issues from A to Z for manifesting a real shift into planetary Oneness.

Tune-in to NEU’s multi-faceted talk-show, Kaleidoscope, hosted by Dr Nancy Ash, click to conveniently watch now …

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