Sovereign’s Way Academy

Learn how to step into your true authentic sovereign self and become your own master… in every way

NewEarth Founding Trustee Greg Paul now hosts a 6 month online sovereignty training program. Learn how re-birth yourself as a sovereign creator being operating freely in the world directly from the one of the originators of the world’s largest sovereignty movement.

The Sovereign’s Way Academy is much more than a typical online learning Academy – there is tons of course material containing all the exercises and tools you need to really step forth into your authentic sovereign self with the greatest possible grace and ease, but we’ve also created a real sense of community around this process of sovereign self-mastery. The Academy has already become a truly nurturing environment where everyone who participates genuinely supports each other in between our regular gatherings, both through our own private social media platform and by connecting with each other, as they progress together through all the course material provided. This is conscious community in action.

Who is the Academy For?

  • Anyone who is ready to live a truly authentic life from a place of Pure Truth.
  • Anyone who is sufficiently committed to the idea of true freedom that they are willing to do whatever it takes to attain it.
  • Anyone who desires to catalyze meaningful change in their lives and in the world.
  • Those who are a part of an existing sovereignty movement (freemen, sovereign citizens etc.) and who sense that something may be missing from their ‘process’.
  • Those who have already crossed the self-realization Rubicon but perceive that their efforts of creative self-expression remain limited by the power structures of the world.

About Greg Paul

Greg was a successful construction professional and business owner who, following a deep awakening to the nature of myself and reality, left it all behind to take a deep dive into an authentic sovereignty adventure that continues to this day.

Driven by the question “what gives one man power over another?” and by the decision to be guided by his conscience without concern for the laws of man, he spent several years taking on multiple systemic issues faced by us all – the global mortgage fraud; the illusion of individual ownership; the right of governments to interfere with one’s peace, etc. etc..

After achieving everything he felt he could in this arena, he began creating projects and initiatives that offered an alternative to the slave system which has too long plagued mankind… like NewEarth and the ITNJ.

Greg has a fun life – get’s up when he wants… bursting with love; does the work that he choose… with joy in his heart; has few ties to the systems of the world… and wants for nothing; and all the people in his life are true nurturing family. Greg loves to help others to discover the same!

Free Webinar…  Sovereignty Unleashed – Surviving Dystopia

Watch this free one-hour webinar to get a practical understanding and feel for some of what Greg and the Academy are offering.

Find out more about the what the Academy is offering… or enroll

Visit The Sovereign’s Way website for a full overview of the Academy’s 6-month program and its growing community.




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