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NewEarth Global Meditation ~

Thank you for participating; stay tuned to the next monthly event

We invite you to join us on November 22 at the moment of 22:11 for a Global Meditation to join forces sending support to ALL Indigenous Nations of the world.

During this powerful and pivotal time on earth, with great political instability, ecological crisis, and when the systematic abuse of human rights is so prevalent in society, we feel a great need to stand together in solidarity while joining forces with the first people: Worldwide INDIGENOUS NATIONS. We organize to: SUPPORT all of them, to PROTECT our precious natural resources, to UPHOLD our rights, to PRAY for clean water, and HONOR the tribes remaining through 500 years of horrendous oppression, substantial discrimination and unacceptable violence.

The NewEarth Nation invites ALL change-makers, activists, artists and ambassadors of peace to organize a meditation in your community; to invite friends and family to join forces with us, to create a single moment of cohesion and critical mass awareness upon these crucial matters, severely endangering our ecosystems — our lives!

Our intention is to raise awareness about the fact that millions of worldwide Indigenous Peoples are now standing in the frontlines of many ecological battles for human rights and land ownership. On the North and South American continents, Indigenous Peoples are spearheading diverse front lines of big battles against oil and fracking companies. For decades Indigenous Peoples have been struggling against thermo electric companies and intense deforestation. From across the Amazon to all countries… battles for land, forests, and water have been fought… escalating to a dire situation in North Dakota, USA with the Standing Rock movement. At this special place thousands of people are holding ground for their families, protecting their sacred land, the sacred water — and are standing up for you and your family, to protect the lives of 40 million people that could be seriously affected if the proposed pipeline gets built.

PLEASE JOIN us on November 22 for this Global Movement to support ALL the Indigenous Nations. Together we create a network of awareness and energetic support towards the First People, to visualize a fair world where no one is discriminated against for their ethnicity, their religion or the color of their skin. We demand the authorities to stop a systematic genocide against the First People. We demand a safe future for our children where nature is respected as a living being.

HOW: Join our Facebook event and invite your friends. Create a moment of silence or moving meditation for yourself. Create awareness in your community, talk about it, support Indigenous causes, both local and global.

WHEN: November 22, 2016

WHERE: park, home, beach, mountain, yoga center, places of power, labyrinth, spiritual center, etc.

WHAT KIND OF MEDITATION: Any kind of meditation is encouraged; it could be a guided meditation, chanting, prayer, silence, yoga, or even a moving meditation such as dance.




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