Tom Brown on Kaleidoscope TV – Bridging Science & Spirit

During this in-depth conscious conversation on the NewEarth Project TV network, Thomas Joseph Brown, our senior science advisor on NewEarth University’s faculty joins Kaleidoscope host, Dr. Nancy Ash.

From A to Z… they discuss an archetypal nature of reality to a zeitgeist of our time: Bridging science with the great mystery of life.  From his home in New Zealand, Tom opens the vault of his personal life-story and clarion call; speaks of his beloved mentor Trevor James Constable; the Golden Ratio; CERN and anti-matter; the work of scientist Lili Kolisko, his own Four Worlds-theory; Tesla and free energy.  Thomas J Brown is a renowned legend in Natural Science, the work of Goethe and Steiner’s Anthroposophy leading the alternative science-scene since the 1980s as former director of Borderlands Sciences.  He works tirelessly to bring pure-truth to light. ~ Enjoy the program.


Our entire NewEarth Channel (with hundreds of helpful videos’ content) was censored and then de-platformed / terminated by YouTube!

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