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NEWS! September 2019 ~ In association with NEU’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology, and in tandem with the School of Science & Design Innovation, we are pleased to announce that Robert Pascoe (presently working in Asia) has joined the worldwide NewEarth University faculty.



Robert shall be collaborating in a Research Tract through these two Schools to help creatively collate the best resources of cutting-edge R & D, education and business aspects of Green Technology – in particular, structured water.

A warm and friendly Soul of multi-faceted talents – Robert travels the world teaching the vital merits of Green Tech.  His interest to serve the NewEarth University blossomed while attending the June 2019 NewEarth Festival in Bali, Indonesia.  With an unparalleled background in Green Technologies product development, marketing and consulting – these valuable skillsets are uniquely coupled with his conscious heart in making the world a better place.

Culled from extensive experience and passion in this arena, he’s onboard to share a vast 40-year knowledge-base with all visiting the NEU Schools and greater Library.

Welcome and best wishes to Robert Pascoe for many vibrant years of collaboration through his important contributions in:  research and development, report studies and findings, various related resources, etc.
May these auspicious activities bring great benefit to all sentient beings through his role as a faculty member with the NewEarth University.

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