2019 Sound Summit Faculty Collaboration


FACULTY NEWS! October 2019 ~ The online International Sound Summit featured a sterling Energy and Medicine Exchange collaboration with NEU’s Fellow, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and new faculty member, sonic healing expert Eeshi-Ra Hart. Both are volunteering their seasoned skills in NEU’s School of Health & Wellness, as well as in tandem with the School of Consciousness & Spirituality.

Co-hosted by Eeshi-Ra of Sonic Life Solutions and Dr. Thornton Streeter of the Energy Medicine Exchange, the 2019 Summit featured renowned experts from the sound healing field worldwide featuring guests like Fellow, Dr. Michael. We are delighted these NewEarth University colleagues met during the 2019 NewEarth Festival in Bali, collaborating at this recent event to share vital knowledge related to the power of bio scalar technology for healing.

Pop an organic big bowl of corn to enjoy a 2-hour video presentation (detailed Powerpoint on the spiritual sciences) of advanced radiation remediation strategies from Dr. Michael; now embedded in the NEU Library as a resource.

An ocean of gratitude for sharing this special program by Hart and Michael – two lovely ladies at the vanguard of their fields. Congratulations to Eeshi-Ra Hart for orchestrating this worldwide event showcasing the best of sound healing technologies.


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