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FACULTY NEWS! JULY 2019 ~ In association with NEU’s School of Socio-Economics & Ecology – within its core discipline of Ecology & Regeneration, we are pleased to announce that Naomi Cook from Australia has joined the NewEarth University in a seminal role, SeedBank Coordinator. Naomi shall be working in a research tract to help creatively collate the best strategies and resources for Saving Our Seeds.





A woman of multi-faceted talents – as a busy mom, registered nurse and author, among other enlightening endeavors – Naomi is a passionate champion of Mother Earth, having recently received her Permaculture Design Certificate and now working through her Permaculture Teacher’s Certificate. She holds a BA in philosophy/theology and is founder of, Project Starseed.

In tandem with designing and implementing projects as SeedBank Coordinator at NEU, her new YouTube series, Muddy Earthlings is a delight for children of ALL ages to help ignite and foster a sense of connection with our planet. Inspiring eco-responsibility in children is key for Naomi and she is producing more fun and educational videos, sharing them in our free NEU Library as precious resources.

Welcome and best wishes to Naomi Cook for many vibrant years of collaboration through her cutting-edge contributions in: Saving our Seeds research and development, collating resources, SeedBank-related writings, videos, etc. May these auspicious activities bring great benefit to all sentient beings through her role as a faculty member with NEU.

Ecology & Regeneration

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