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FACULTY NEWS! JULY 2019 ~ In association with NEU’s School of Health & Wellness, and also its School of The Living Arts – discipline of Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts, we are delighted to announce new faculty: Eeshi-Ra Hart of the UK (and now based in Bali). She presented a workshop at the 2019 NewEarth Festival at the NE Haven in Indonesia, and subsequently joined the NewEarth University’s H & W faculty passionately focused on developing and teaching innovative curriculum in the realm of Sonic Sound Healing. A cutting-edge workshop she plans to teach through NEU is called, Shift It!  Stay-tuned for this powerful experience TBA.




With an extensive – 30-year – pioneering background in music as a singer, while championing various Sound Healing Modalities, Eeshi-Ra combines her immense love of helping others to heal while creating heart-opening experiences through the miracles of sound.

Ms Hart is currently developing creative curriculum, to be presented through NEU’s School of Health & Wellness, its discipline of Wellness Sovereignty.  She will be teaching and sharing life-enhancing, transmutative sound healing experiences and resources for all.

Welcome and best wishes to Eeshi-Ra Hart for many vibrant years of collaboration through her contributions in: sound healing workshops, courses, research, writings and on-site programs.

May these auspicious activities bring great benefit to all sentient beings through her role as a faculty member with the NewEarth University.


School of Health & Wellness


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