Nelson Santamaria (Administration)

Spanish Translation Projects School of The Living Arts

Nelson Santamaria was born into a musician’s family in Mexico.

“My first love with Heavy Metal music was kind of a natural occurrence. Playing guitar with some local acts for many years I found through my music (and the fantasy worlds depicted in Heavy Metal) another way to see and experience life. A long time reader of the Urantia Book, a book believed by many people to be the fifth epochal revelation, this crazy Mexican has in his human experience many good and bad memories, all linked as a chain by a common theme: everything happens according to the Universal Father’s will.”

Now let me tell you a little story:

“Four or five years ago I felt really down – in a spiritual way. I wondered: ‘Is this all that there is in life? People selling and trading money for self-regard and peace of mind… Nations keeping people enslaved by consumption and T.V., and all the nonsensical violence.’

So I asked, really asked: ‘If someone, somewhere in this planet had had enough of all this, I thought to myself: I can’t be the ONLY one who’s fed up with all this!’

Next thing you know I found The New Earth Nation by “luck”, I know… there is no luck, only attraction, and I became amazed, overwhelmed by the idea: this was it!!! … what I was looking for my entire life! Suddenly I wasn’t the “crazy one” anymore.

So I wound up translating some documents for the NewEarth into my native language; and at the same time felt totally convinced that the only way to thrive was at last before my very own eyes. Since that day I became really interested with the creation of new ecological and self-sustaining communities as the best way to evolve and to get away from fear. You know… you can’t destroy an obsolete system by force, but you can change it for a better one.”

Nelson has been onboard NEU since 2018 assisting with a variety of Spanish Translation Projects.


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