Desmond Green (Fellow)


I am a conscious cosmologist, creating an understanding of myself as the ONE BREATH expressing all of us.

Sharing my journey to this point with others is what has led me to develop my 8 step practice:

(1) Conscious deep breathing
(2) Self-nurturing language
(3) Healthy nutrition
(4) Exercise
(5) Unconditional Self-Acceptance
(6) Vision and Process
(7) A Spirit of Generosity
(8) Trust

  • Conscious deep breathing is the key to self awareness.

  • The awakened self creates and generates its own freedom.

  • Accept yourself and others will follow your example.

  • There is no time limit on self-realization.

  • Effort made is experience gained and experienced gained cannot be lost.

This is my simple practice and what I offer others.


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