Manely Sharifian, PhD (Administration)

(Updated 2024)

Dr. Manely Sharifian is an Iranian-born academic and spiritual seeker whose passion lies in making the world a better place. With a background in industrial engineering, she worked in the oil and gas consulting industry for several years before embarking on a journey to explore the world and further her education in management and organizational studies.

Manely holds a Master’s Degree in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden; and a PhD in Business from the University of Alberta in Canada. In 2016, she joined the faculty at San Francisco State University’s College of Business, where she dedicated her time to teaching and research.

In 2015, Manely realized that in order to fulfill her mission of serving the world, she needed to first focus on healing herself. Since then, she has devoted herself to developing her intuition and spirituality.

Recently, Manely has decided to leave her career in academia to join the NewEarth University and project, where she believes she can serve the world better. Her diverse background and commitment to spirituality make her a valuable addition to this exciting initiative.

Outside of work, Manely is a lifelong learner who loves to explore new ideas and take on new adventures. She is an accomplished athlete, having won several gold medals as a basketball player in Iran, and now practices yoga, and breathwork. Her passions include health, spirituality, and metaphysics.




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