Nicole Pinter-Krainer (Faculty)

Nicole Pinter-Krainer is a natural born healer who is passionate about peace, nature, animals and the interactions that make up life.

Nicole studied International Relations and holds an MA in International Peacekeeping. She worked 13 years in international organisations on humanitarian, disarmament and security issues as well as in private banking. Her motivations were firstly, to find ways to help peaceful relations and secondly, to understand the role of finance. She came to the conclusion that the key for peace on all levels lies within healing.

Driven by her inner knowing and passion to serve the healing of animals, Nicole studied naturopathy for animals. Since 2011, she has been fully dedicated to facilitate the healing of animals and our connections with them. She studied traditional medicine from different cultures and sages that are closely connected to nature. She focused on human interactions with nature, the purpose of these interactions, how the gap between humans and nature was created and how resulting dis-eases can be healed. Nicole’s work has concentrated on remembering, applying and transmitting ancient healing wisdom and techniques, making the animals’s voice heard and re-uniting humans with nature and themselves. Her connection to the soul level and stored cosmic information permitted her to develop an expertise in soul communication and soul healing. Nicole focuses on frequencies as everything is frequency. She also combines ancient wisdom with high-end technology of bioresonance and informative medicine which makes the causes of disharmonies and their cure visible.

Nicole teaches webinars on topics related to animal healing, soul communication and frequency therapies in order to empower people to help the healing process. As a Faculty member of the NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality, Nicole will be teaching curriculum on animal healing, which transmits wisdom about themes including the animal-human interaction at the outset as well as in modern world, the sources of dis-ease, soul healing techniques and how various therapies can be used in order to support the healing process.

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