Angela Kirby (Faculty)

Art Therapist Advisor School of The Living Arts


Angela Kirby – Angela was brought up in the South East of South Australia on a property where she had a lot of opportunity to spend time in Nature with its solitude as a calming foundation that deeply inspired the ‘creative’ to emerge in her life.  Residing in Adelaide she runs a private practice working as a Transpersonal Art Therapist, Counsellor and Visionary Artist.  Angela includes several other modalities in her skilled offerings: vibrational medicine using Australian Bush Flower Essences, and also therapeutic grade essential oils as part of the healing process.

Award-winning artist Angela Kirby has been a guest speaker at many events presenting her therapeutic work, and she facilitates private and community-based, Expressive Workshops.  As a member of NewEarth University’s faculty since 2019, Angela is currently developing creative curriculum.  She looks forward to teaching a full-range of Art Therapy workshops and classes through NEU’s School of The Living Arts while also collaborating with the LOTUS Initiative in tandem with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ).

In her words, “I would like to bring the silence that the emotional loud can bring with trauma and upheaval. Open the door to the inner knowing that arrives when the quiet and calm seeps gently in by holding space in the greatness the creative offers.”


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