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meet neu faculty, dr ramesh (2017 documentary)

  Created by Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh’s students, this 27-min. video filmed in Mongolia (during a 9-day workshop in 2017) documents the philosophy of his work based on decades as a surgeon and subsequent teacher helping people awaken to the higher principles within themSelves.  His essential message: Awaken the...

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standing 5 gates meditation – lee davy (video)

  This video by Lee Davy is a guided standing meditation sequence (with music) called, 5 Gates Super Hero to help you creatively visualize yourself and your life exactly as you’ve wanted it to be.  It helps you to visualize the life you want including what you want to...

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alex grey: how to save the world interview

Alex Grey speaks (2008) on the importance of art as a means of shifting consciousness. This clip (excerpt) belongs to the How to Save the World interview series, produced by the Transcendent Nation Foundation non-profit, which is exclusively available at https://enterthemandala.com

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