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intro to newearth project 2014 (article & video)

  (3-min. Intro Video to the New Earth)  The NewEarth Project is an open platform to unite humanity in ushering in a new era of planetary well-being, peace and prosperity.  The NewEarth Trust is the name of the organization which is responsible for facilitating the NewEarth Project.  The Project...

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new earth community lotus dome (video)

  This is a 14-second rendering (aerial view) of NewEarth Project – Haven Community ~ Lotus Dome visioning ~ from the Design & Development discipline of NEU’s School of Science & Design Innovation. Explore this integrative layout for a conscious community featuring Lotus Dome buildings and related design structures...

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dome energetics from the new earth project: why the dome shape?

  Compiled by the Design & Development discipline (the D & D) faculty members at NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation, this article illustrates the NewEarth Project’s bio-architecture dome energetics metric for building conscious communities, like the proto-type at NewEarth Haven-Bali. why the dome shape? Many cultures...

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bio-arc domes at the new earth project

  the phi-ve dome A modular concept design that specifically designed for use at retreat and healing centers functioning primarily as an enhanced energy-carrier.  The angles created within a five-sided structure actualize one of the most powerful shapes for creating implosive fields. The Phi-ve Dome also creates a pent-pyramid...

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