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1920’s Prediction of the Banksters’ STRAWMAN

Colonel Edward Mandell House Predicts the Creation of the STRAWMAN in the USA   (From the private papers of Woodrow Wilson) In a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (US President 1913 – 1921) Colonel House predicted the banksters’ plans to enslave the American people. He stated: “Very soon, every...

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Global Power – Investigative Economic History

  Andrew Gavin Marshall created a very comprehensive series of 5 resources in 2009. He’s been a research associate with the Centre for Research on Globalization CRG). Note: Each Part links into a different page with extensive notes. We are most grateful for the sharing of this stunning research...

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Federici’s Book: Caliban and the Witch

  A resource shared for educational and research purposes. Book review by Alex Knight: Silvia Federici’s brilliant Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation, (2004) tells – in 288 pages – the dark saga of the Witch Hunt that consumed Europe for more than 200 years....

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the bankster diaries by ambassador james gilmore

  The Bankster Diaries by the beloved late Ambassador James Bernard Gilmore Learn more about this stunning book at its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thebanksterdiaries/?fref=ts Related article from the NE Blog: https://newearth.media/presenting-bankster-diaries/ Website: https://banksterdiaries.com/

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