Death of The Queen & 241 Years of Geo-Political / Fiscal ‘History’ in 5 Paragraphs!


Death of The Queen & 241 Years of Geo-Political / Fiscal ‘History’ in 5 Paragraphs!

written by Dave Emery, NEU Fellow, School of Consciousness & Spirituality (September 2022)


  1. In 1776 the US proclaimed total separation from Britain which had run the New World through ‘The Royals’ under the banking cartel’s control but in 1781, to pay for the war-debt, the US allowed the Royals of Britain (controlled by the banksters aka Rothschilds and Rockefellers) to ‘re-assign’ their Constitution so that under the banksters ‘double-entry’ book-keeping system, the US would be controlled by a ‘Corporate’ constitution run ‘across’ the original Constitution and without the people knowing and this has led to the country being run ever since – by the ‘Royals’ of UK under the control of the banksters who bought and paid for all elite politicos and lawyers to ensure the world was run as a ‘business’!

  2. The world by 1871 was controlled by three geo-political entities: The Vatican (and Popes) who controlled the spiritual ‘HEAD’ of the tri-partite primordial debt-system based on ‘sin’ (aka ‘syntax’ for the language used and ‘signing’ for liability), The City of London (bankster-class alongside their ‘lawyers’), who controlled ALL fiscal policy and commerce and the world’s Military ‘enforcement’ procedures based in Washington D.C. at The White House and through these three ‘control-elements’ they shaped and organised all primary geo-political ‘events’ from then on including both World Wars and many others and also the Russian revolution!

  3. This ‘system’ was always due for ‘fiscal re-setting’ every 60 or 70 years BY the Banksters-Royals-Popes either through war or commercial destruction of the finances or via disease but the ‘arrival’ of Donald J Trump allied with the BRICS nations destroyed that plan occurring in 2015 and a ‘war’ ensued with the Queen, the Popes and the Banksters on one side and Trump and his allies on the other and this culminated in ‘symbolic’ and overt capitulation (if you knew what you were watching) when Trump ‘sidelined’ the Queen IN the UK by walking ahead of her and standing between her and Charles which signified (in THEIR weird symbolism) that SHE had ‘capitulated’ and that Trump and his allies had ‘won’ the war between them.

  4. The Popes had lost their power, The Royals had been ‘set-aside’ from all power and decision-making and all that remained was The City of London nest of banking vipers and the ‘Davos’ European Economic Forum who, with their Mossad (Israeli) covert ‘security-agents’ in the CIA and FBI, fought back by stealing the US Election of 2020 and putting Biden in play for them, heavily promoting ‘Climate-change’ to access money and unleashing the Covid pandemic to destroy the world’s population-baseline as well as starting, via Ukraine, what they hoped would be WW3. The ‘City’ also put in place a ‘look-alike-Queen’ in the attempt to hold back the oncoming total defeat of their plans because ALL constitutional power was held BY her position in the ‘legal’ construct of their system and once she was out of the ‘game’ then THEIR game would be ‘up’ for they had lost their ability to print money and all governments were / are bankrupt!

  5. Now, with the Queen’s ‘passing’, there is a new, equity-based economic system ready to be revealed and entered into the commercial-contractual system of the world and NOT based on worthless paper being printed ‘out of thin air’ and this system moves Humanity back (into the future) when primordial-debt and original sin were NOT a part of the living-cycle and it pushes us towards abundance, freedom, love and the celebration of energetic and creative choice in how we live.


A few prayers may be in order about now!



Gratitude to Fellow Dave Emery for sharing his writings in your free NewEarth University Library.

Check out his new Course Page: REAL History for info on an upcoming online Workshop, March 9, 2023


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