The Living Arts

Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts

“music is the future medicine of humanity” – edgar cayce purpose The Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts discipline at NewEarth University’s School of The Living Arts explores a vast language of the heart by weaving the benefits of sound science, ancient wisdom-knowledge and modern-day transformative applications of...

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Learning & Education

An evolutionary, empowering playground of light illuminating UN-learning & re-education   Purpose Free exploration and pure-truth inquiry are seminal to the manifestation of a NewEarth. Our purpose in the Learning & Education discipline within the School of The Living Arts is to help facilitate a world of beauty through multi-faceted zero-point...

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Angela Kirby

  Angela Kirby – Angela was brought up in the South East of South Australia on a property where she had a lot of opportunity to spend time in Nature with its solitude as a calming foundation that deeply inspired the ‘creative’ to emerge in her life.  Residing in...

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Jane Evershed

Jane Evershed was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and came to live in the US in Minneapolis, MN in 1984. In that same year she won the Minneapolis Metro Transit bus design award after which she launched a career marketing journals, books, large prints and notecards...

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Misty Kelleher

Misty Kelleher ~ “I’m honored to be part of the worldwide NewEarth University (NEU) new-paradigm learning community assisting in Administration from my neck of the woods on the eastern seaboard of the USA.” With a strong background in various high-level administrative roles in the private sector and international scene working...

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Jonathan Ash

Jonathan is presently based in the US, and has been responsible for overseeing the management and administration of multiple and diverse divisions within both private sector, municipal and state financial operations during the past 30 + years.  Since 2019, he has served as a management and financial consultant for the...

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Marco Missinato

  Marco Missinato is an Artist and a Creative Communicator who uses the power of his heart-inspired creativity (music, words and photography) to deliver supportive messages to people and to inspire others to dare into the voice of their heart and overcome the fears of limited beliefs and consequences. ...

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Nelson Santamaria

Nelson Santamaria was born into a musician’s family in Mexico. “My first love with Heavy Metal music was kind of a natural occurrence. Playing guitar with some local acts for many years I found through my music (and the fantasy worlds depicted in Heavy Metal) another way to see and...

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Judith Lightfeather

Judith Lightfeather “The New Earth Project is bringing together a network of visionary and pioneering individuals and institutions to nest within the new earth institute as ‘academies’, each serving to advance consciousness and sustainable development for the betterment of the people and the planet” – Judith   When Judith...

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