Marco Missinato (Fellow)

Creative Communicator School of The Living Arts


Marco Missinato is an Artist and a Creative Communicator who uses the power of his heart-inspired creativity (music, words and photography) to deliver supportive messages to people and to inspire others to dare into the voice of their heart and overcome the fears of limited beliefs and consequences.  Most importantly, he uses his heart-inspired creativity also to produce musical experiences that support and facilitate the release of blocked emotions within us.  Marco Missinato feels that such emotional release is necessary and even mandatory for Humanity in order to be able to vibrationally continue its awakening process.

In Marco’s words:

“As we deepen into the experience of our Earth Journey 

we become more and more aware of LIFE and our SELF.

Our level of Appreciation increases, our Heart opens 

and we access more and more the Wisdom and the infinite 

Creative field of Source (Ourself from a non-physical higher level of appreciation).  

As we align with our true purpose, uncover and make use of our special gifts through 

action and raise our level of Integrity we become more and more incorruptible 

and the products of our being and doing become more and more impactful, more relevant to existence 

and more supportive of LIFE”



Learn about Marco: A Brief Introduction To Marco Missinato – From “WALKING THE PATH” with Marco Missinato

For more info: SOUNDS OF ONENESS, An Extraordinary Voyage of Sounds and Melodies



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