Mandala Art Therapy Meditation by Angela Kirby (NEU Faculty)


Mandala #66 is a colorful oracle drawing submitted to the Library for you by the Australian visual artist/transpersonal art therapist Angela Kirby, faculty at NEU’s School of The Living Arts. Gratitude to Angela for sharing this inspiring art meditation, part of her ongoing, in-depth series of mandalas begun in 2007.

She explains the mandala image:


A circle of love, a circle of life, this mandala is now in your life.

Allow it to open your pleasure and delight through seeing and feeling.

In meditation, it will guide you.

Allow it to whisper its wisdom; can you hear what the messages are?

Write what you hear, and feel, study it deeply and then release, for your path to be.

Inner Guidance …


A.Kirby © 2022

This time is for contemplation and meditation, as the oracle drawing depicts a state of calm and rest, the eyes are closed. Any answers that you seek right now require stillness and inner consultation for resolve and to come about in the outer realms, into your daily life.

Then through creative gestures in whatever manner that you choose your creativity opens doors of possibility that allows that resolve in its own time. Without seeking an end result, you use it to assuage any feelings of unsettledness or impatience that may have surfaced.

Many possibilities can appear on the outside. However, this place can be fickle in many ways:  For some life appears one way and to another completely the opposite, and in confusion it would be easy to get swept up in limited thinking and behaviour.

Sit and close your eyes and breathe deeply for the heated or coolness in vibrations to be felt and then through the breath, dissipate. This moment in time there is nothing to be done other than to go within and listen with your feelings.



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