Shining a Light on The First Human Relationship


Shining a Light on The First Human Relationship

by Kali Demmel


There is one relationship with no end and no beginning. A product, a cycle of Creation. It is within the nature of the sovereign human-being, that we carry the essence reflective of the nature of this reality, which is, Mother-Father-Child. In this way, the relationship that we have with ourselves becomes a triangular symbol for something that we all share. Our human-divinity, our connection to Creation. More than any relational expression of the human experience, it is here that for the first time we experience our dualistic nature. And within this truly divine-design, it is the one(s) who conceive us, through their point of consciousness, who show us the ways of the world. 

As humanity has indeed continued its reproductive process, amid modern structure, we forgot the natural design of our creative evolutionary process. By choosing to create and relate unconscious patterns, the parent-child dynamic has suffered conditions of lack, control and ultimately fear based patterns. How we experience this dynamic, both internally and externally, can determine whether we thrive or merely survive. The past few years events leading to the current collective state of being, have shown a light, ever so brightly, on the opportunity to reconnect this severed dynamic fundamental to life. We now reach a point in our consciousness where the dominating dark aspects wearing the cloak of the “good guy”no longer serve.

As pioneers of the New Earth, we share a calling for creating new relationships to our individual and collective dynamics which serve the thrival of future generations. We long to break free from those patterns of survival, and to birth a world where we feel  both empowered and free. We must leave old filters behind, unlearn patterns, and reach to the core of who we are.

Disconnection becomes the call to unlearning the inverted conditioned ways, taking back our sovereignty by reclaiming our responsibility to innocence. It can seem like a grand notion, though it’s clear more now than ever that we have both the right and obligation.

When those in position of power – YOU, Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sistars – take back the responsibility for the childlike innocence, the result is the recalibration of Whole Earth systems. Remedying the cause of the hurts and fears, because the results of separation from our divine-nature, looks like disease, poverty, suffering, and total lack of well-being. If we choose it to be, it is too a Grand Opportunity.

I remember as a young child, experiencing the deepest angst when told things like “suck it up”, or “that’s just the way it is”. There was simply a spark inside of me that knew better. And yet, as a young and “privileged” girl, making a fuss about it, simply just wasn’t an option.

Now allow me to paint a very different picture.

Imagine for a moment, an Empowered birthing-Mother radiating pure Love. A strong, expecting Father. Three beings, nestled within a circular yurt, sitting atop a glowing mountain. Drums and celebration from down below stirring around them, where fellow brothers and sistars are holding sacred space. The two beings who create the life, welcome him into their World. Sacredly honored is the Childs body, and the first experiences he carries into this world are held with grace and compassion. A commitment, to honoring the Child’s individuality, is made from the very beginning.

This too was my experience.

For many, the perceptions and experiences around Conception, Birth and Inner-Childhood have gone greatly misunderstood, yet this is where the very foundation for the relationship is laid. Hurt goes about acting as hurt, until it is consciously and deliberately transformed within That individual. It is only remotely conceivable for one human to sever the life-giving cord of another, for personal power and gain, if they themselves are deep in the trenches of their wounded inner-child. And still, it is what has taken place in so many delivery rooms globally, with little to no curiosity from us as to why…

Curiosity needs to be facilitated and deliberately explored, and this happens, or doesn’t happen, first in childhood. We weaken the ability for healthy connection by not fueling our own inner-child curiosity. This greatly affects our sense of fulfillment. When fulfilled, we emit an energy transmission, a coherence of Heart and Mind, which creates the energy field around us – our Aura. This frequency heals us, and the ones around us. It harmonizes and balances. It manifests Life. The impact of our frequency, which is our individual conscious point of attraction, has on those around us and especially those we bring into this world, is unmistakable. In this way coherence, the individual and collective harmonization, holds the key to the New Earth and the fulfillment of future generations.

We have the sense that within this ancient relationship dynamic, are the answers to thriving relationships. This is greatly reflected by the nearly 100 billion dollars a year we spend globally on the parenting industry alone. And just like our application of modern medicine doesn’t work when we rely on pills as the end all be all, long term solutions for core relationship(s) don’t get solved by the latest and greatest parenting trend. The solutions arrive when each one of us unlearns the patterns of unconscious limitations. New Earth solutions to human connection will begin from and within You. You do have the power to transform the experience of the future generations. You get to be the one to empower your children and All of Your manifestations.

As a fellow New Earth Pioneer, I encourage You to take a stand for the Children of this Earth. Get back in touch with the Child within so that the children of tomorrow can be empowered through your light. And from this one re-connection, every relationship will expand.


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