se-5: developing biofield innovations for regaining wholeness


The SE-5 legacy is self evident for most people that have investigated this area of research.  Since its inception in 1985, the SE-5 has become the standard of the industry for scalar tech and radionics.  The SE-5 was the 5th instrument that Dr. Willard Frank (aka Bill Lawson Ph.D.) developed.  The original SE-5 superseded the Digitron.  In 1996 the SE-5 plus superseded the SE-5 and added some more features and energetics.

After Dr. Frank passed away in 2009, Don Paris Ph.D.(h.c) took over and modernized the SE-5 plus into the SE-5 1000.

SE-5 have developed another website for the SE-5 1000 also.

Part one is a public site with lots of information about the SE-5 1000 and Radionics in general.  Much of the information for the public is also found on this site.  Part two is private only for SE-5 1000 owners.  This side of the site will feature a private Blog where you can write what you feel and share your experiences.

The best information about the SE-5 (most complete) is in the book, Regaining-Wholeness by Don ParisNE University Faculty, School of Science and Design Innovation.

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