black knight decoded (short film)


Entertaining short film about the Black Night satellite believed to have been discovered by Tesla in 1899 and thought by some to be extraterrestrial in origin.

This unique resource (produced by Pepsi as an advertisement) was kindly recommended by Dr. Don Paris (h.c.), NewEarth University Scalar Technology Senior Advisor in the School of Science and Design Innovation. Don is a longtime researcher and innovator in the field of radionics and scalar technology known for his creation of an amazing regenerative, energy balancing EMF protector, the Chi-Organizer (known as the Chi-O).  To learn more visit his NEU curriculum page:

*** Note from NEU staff: NEU does not promote or recommend the ingestion of soda(s) as a healthy practice; inclusion of this video was solely based on its interesting reference to Tesla’s Black Knight satellite, and its message of Oneness.


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