Rise of The Essence and The Eternal Reclamation by Dave Emery


Rise of The Essence and The Eternal Reclamation.

Earth’s New Pathway into Light.

Humanity’s Hidden Heart of Ascension.

By Dave Emery, Fellow at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality 


In every moment now many Angelic humans are expanding their awareness of who they are and of their special collective – and personal – purpose here on Earth.

We have had to take our ‘time’ to get here – where we are – and NONE of it was without distortion, confusion, dislocation of purpose and replacement of so much that was true with so much that was not.

The Hopi Indians predicted that there would be five worlds and that the fifth world would see a shift – in almost all we ever knew in our fractured past – and which would witness our collective expansion into all we have always been yet had so definitively forgotten.

The First World was 560 million years ago when Angelic Humans were intended to appear on Earth.

The Second World began 250 million years ago with the Third World starting 25 million years ago and ending 5.5 million years ago in a cataclysmic galactic war.

The Fourth World began 3.7 million years ago and the Fifth World, which the American Indian legends regarded as the Ascension of Earth, began its arrival in 2000 A.D. as it was always known.

But there have been MANY attempts to interrupt and even stop altogether this expansion of Earth and her life-fields and what we are witnessing today in this ‘21st century’ is the culmination of conflict between a false-light, artificial programme for living with the natural, ineffable, energetic and Sacred Divine Design within which ALL elements of Source-Life exist.

This commentary explains the details behind this monumental shift; this ‘reclamation’ of Sacred Purpose which cannot now be stopped and which began its irreversible, Divine Pathway on 1st December 2015.

All Angelic Humans are a part of this vast energetic shift and their unique and sacred encryption held within their DNA, is about to blossom forth in a cascade of essential-energy, connecting ALL of Earth’s life-field and allowing it to ‘breathe’ the illumined air of true Source-Life.

Key to innerstanding all of this dynamic and complex cosmological-science is the knowledge that All-That-Is – everything that exists – everywhere, exists within spheres, within spheres, within spheres of ever expanding size and ‘radiant-luminosity’ and that ALL is occurring in the same ‘space and time’, here and now and in our ‘External’, holographic domains as an aspect of the Divine Internal Domains within which WE – eternally exist.

‘Heaven’ is ‘here’ – within us – even as we believe we are ‘outside’ or ‘beyond’ and ALL of our True (our Tru-ah Self) personas are existing with us in this same space and time expression and KNOW us and FEEL us and ‘speak’ to us – always.

Our ‘disconnect’ with them and our ‘dislocation’ from the TRUE ‘Reality’ of Source-Oneness, is the story of our many worlds of confusion and forgetfulness and our heavily suspended awareness of who we really are; God-Source Itself, manifesting in the external domains of holographic worlds.

YOUR pathway into the Divine Light of Truth is clear and straight and now is the time – to FEEL it all – and to become, eternally, ALL that you are and have always been.



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