New Earth: Welcoming Home the Universal Child


New Earth: Welcoming Home the Universal Child

by Kali Demmel, faculty member, School of The Living Arts (2023)



Since I can remember, my inner-child has been looking around the corners to find the Oneness in all things. Often times, it could even consume her. Every separation coming through conflict or suffering was felt so deeply, and yet, curiosity remained. Called sensitive or weak, there was an awareness there that others around just didn’t seem to share. In the challenges of separation, she saw opportunities. Though sometimes just a glimpse, it is the very thing that would lead to the inevitable process of remembering, her mission to Oneness. Home of the Universal Child.

Coined in the Scientific Law, The Conservation of Mass, Albert Einstein states, that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. This basic scientific understanding offers so much perspective when expanded out to the human experience. Now 100 or so short years later, we enter an era where collective agreements which were once dismissed, kept hidden in the shadows, are being uncovered. Certain truths finding certain understanding in the collective conscious reality. Our Spiritual concepts (heart-felt experience), begin to converge with what we call Science (the mind). Both on an individual and collective basis, we are deep in a process of reconnecting spaces between all things. The Universal Child feels safe here. Where Scientific Laws, Spiritual Constructs, Philosophical and Religious Beliefs converge, a NEU understanding is found. For many, now that the 3D proof is here, denial no longer feels like an option. And for me, in the case of the story above, my inner-child begins to find her way home again. The New Earth shift brings an abundance of affirmation and comfort to her during this collective unveiling, knowing that the Oneness she always felt is and always was, here.

While traversing these new spaces, each in our own unique way, the personal re-connection process calls for embracing the whole of who we are. I don’t know about you, but for this little girl, the relentless separation conditioning has made this a daunting task at times, bleeding into all core aspects of my life. Collectively we have perpetuated harsh conditions on ourselves and on one another, believing that we must know suffering in order to know our bliss. In a world of separation, this would be the case. Though united, just like with a ball of yarn, we unravel shame and guilt wrapped around us. It will take some unraveling, and this is our way home.

We have founded entire systems of Health, Business and Ecology with separation at the core. In this way we have placed the judgement of death onto life, created winner-loser scenarios, and imposed destruction on our own creations. At the depth of the depths is where we find ourselves and as the beautiful journey of relearning the constructs of Oneness unfolds, we will meet grief. When experienced as a necessary part of the process, we will learn to fully grieve. As we do, we renew the inner-child’s innocence. We like to say that the children are our greatest teachers, and there is a beautiful truth in this. The partners, the friends, the earth, the mother and father, the “leaders”, anyone who we look to in order to learn our oneness, all too have the inner-child at their core. Moving onward and outward to New Earth ways let us all release patterned judgements and learning to acknowledge the inner child in others.

The ability and growing capacity to process any perceived opposing energy in and around us shows the amazing human technology. That which is our ability to be the creator beings we are, is the very miracle we’ve been waiting for. By freeing the constraints we have put on the human consciousness, the Universal laws of nature are more clearly birthed through us and the restoration of systems begins. Things like the temporary state of a sense of loss, and even temporary sates of satisfaction in our creationism, become the healing and the teacher.

We have gotten so accustomed to condemning the things which are no longer serving us when we consented and contributed to the pattern making in the beginning. Take a close look at people like Bill Gates for example. It almost always appears so easy for him to express himself while sharing his creative imaginations and endeavors. Like a child, the imagination and belief are very much aligned within his character. He and other public figures like him are capable of so much because of who they see themselves as: a philanthropist, global leader, etc., which is being fueled by a certain belief and naivety in their actions. It looks almost confusing to see these characters sitting up on massive stages speaking to an entire globe about what we may see as ‘darker intentions’, while for them, it’s flowing out effortlessly with a smile so grand. Whether or not we agree with their intention takes the backseat when it is the power in their alignment which allows them this position. It is what’s hidden in the unconscious behavior and intentions which is the challenging part also and especially for them. Bill Gates’ conditioning of separation and actions driven by it, is what we can speak to and what we can make the most impact by addressing. And, what we see and feel (are affected by) while witnessing these dark aspects, also is the opportunity to transcend within us.

In a recent interview of Gates where he was faced with some very straight forward questions regarding his relationship to Jeffery Epstein, a very sensitive subject, the reporter was able to address Gates with a certain quality of assertion mixed with compassion. It was clear to see that Gates was completely thrown out of his alignment in this area. He could do nothing but to stumble, avoiding her questions completely. What he could reply to her questions, this time completely lacked in any clarity or connection. It was obvious the shame was overbearing him and in those moments, he did everything he possibly could to avoid feeling the emotions arising, though he greatly struggled. The space which the reporter held for him is what allowed Gates to feel the immensity of his feelings, and as I watched I couldn’t help but see how monumental moments like these are. Gates would have been much more comfortable and able to respond to an accusatory statement on this matter. I had seen him do it so well before. This affirmed to me that especially in the face of darkness when our consciousness has the opportunity to shine light on the subconscious of another (like we do with children), it is the greatest opportunity we have to make profound impact by staying in our loving alignment, if and when we can.

The false expectations we have of darkness have lead us astray. We have inherited beliefs that prove to us again and again that they have no backing, yet, we hold onto them demanding they change. If we in America think we are or have been living in a democracy, this is case-in-point. Once we accept what is right in front of us – what we are being shown – we no longer need to be victim to the systems we have created. The possibility to grow whole and new perspectives emerges and shines the light forward. We are merely witnessing a collective unfolding of the politics rooted deeply in unconscious projections of separation. The darkness is just waiting for each individual’s personal illumination; and if we wait for the “them” to change… it just may never happen. The “Shwabs and the Gates” of the world are coming to the very foreground of the reality for those of us who are consciously choosing this path to shine our light on our own personal transgressions.

Together, let’s give comfort to the Universal Child and free the collective soul through the illumination of our own unconscious patterns. Birthing a life beyond any control and domination, free from limitation.


Darkness. Beautiful, mysterious, dear Darkness. The yang of the yin, wrong of the right, I see you hiding there. Bound by the very fear of separation, driven by it, too. You are it, and will be okay.


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