Cosmological Report for 2023 – The Fire Wheel


Cosmological Report for 2023 – The Fire Wheel

by Dr. Swan Montague, Faculty Senior Advisor at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality (February ’23)


In a midnight vision recently Sananda showed me a vision of a tall steel frame, as high as a New York skyscraper, twisting and collapsing in on itself. He explained it was the energetic framework of the old paradigm and that the energy structures that held the old paradigm and the patriarchal system together were being annihilated and collapsing in on themselves. That paradigm is dead, crushed, and it is only a matter of time before the patriarchal energies are all gone.

Sananda said it is no longer possible for those energies to hold their modus vivendi in place as their secret, hidden infrastructure has virtually been destroyed and all that is left is imploding in upon itself, as has the energy system of the last era.

It was shown to me that those who have been diligent in their emotional spiritual work and karma realignment are already moving within a new energetic framework that their own efforts have built and are establishing which will keep growing and flourish. The new framework develops and expands as those continue to hone their higher dimensional skills and more gather in that frame of mind.

Those who have not done their inner work and are not prepared will have a harder time as they are struggling to manage within a framework that no longer exists – they are the proverbial hamsters in the wheel running round and round, desperately trying to keep the wheel turning, but the structure is irrevocably damaged and the wheel has collapsed.

The new energetic frameworks of the divine feminine paradigm will become more accessible as more people wake up, or give up, and eventually, a tipping point will be reached. At that point the dimensional shift will be so great that the 100th monkey syndrome will have taken place and those who are ready will find themselves living in an utterly new reality where the nefarious past of the patriarchy seems like a bad dream. It is a dimensional shift in which reality has completely different meaning and the quality of life that can be achieved has never before been experienced in this world.

It is up to each one of us to continue to step up to the highest potentiality we can imagine – the more we do this the more we turn the cogs of the drawbridge that disconnects the old and ushers us into the new paradigm.

It is not work for the faint of heart – a great push of determination, vigilance, commitment and dedication to the divine to part the waters and cross the energetic seas within to the new Jerusalem we are creating, however Yeshua gives us hope and an irrefutable sign that it is under way, unavoidable, and, for the old gatekeepers of the deep state, too late.


Memo to Spiritual Warriors from Sahra

Your preparatory work is not yet done, the time has not quite yet come. The new year call of 2023 to all warriors of light is to focus within on building the Christess-Christ light and consciousness, healing and clearing the energies of the anti- Christess-Christ. In so doing, the Christess light is being, and will increasingly be incrementally rekindled within and around each one of us, helping to resurrect the Divine Feminine from the underworld where she was shattered two thousand years ago.

Sahra, the overlighting Christess of the new paradigm and every person’s highest self for this new era,  says we have 9 months to reach the Aquarian Age watershed of clearing out the dark satanic and luciferian (sic, no capital letters for these diabolical energies) spirits before the curtain rising on the full manifestation of the Divine Goddess. A lot is going on backstage which can and must be supported by the warriors of grace, and can only be sustained by the commitment, dedication, light and willingness of the ranks of largely hidden, until now, (for good reason, for your own protection) spiritual light warriors, light carriers, light bringers and light shiners.

70% of humanity is still affected by, or vulnerable to domination and interference from the Anti-Christ. This spiritual energy and consciousness is what underpins the dark government’s abilities to manipulate, dominate and control the masses.

A date has been fixed in timelines for more than 60,000 years according to our current calendar matrix, September 29th 2023. By this time our (we light warriors’) preparation work must be done. By this time the Christess-Christ light must have won. We do not wait for any colour hats to do their job – our own mission is of equal paramount importance and vital to the correct spiritual alignment of our future world.

I salute all the unknown spiritual light warriors and encourage you to continue your vast efforts to shift the tides of humanity towards our Christess-Christ light goal.



Energetic Shift Early 2023

There was a massive energetic shift on 31st December 2022/1st January 2023. The gridlock of evil and nefarious religious control from the city that Is Amor (love) reversed was lifted. I felt and saw the energetic shift. I have been working (consciously in this life) for 30 years, and for another two thousand previously to remove this and catalise the karmic shift, and on the eve of 31st I was told in my meditation by Yeshua that the job was done.

On 1 January that pope (so-called benedict but actually malefic hence no capital letters for him – the black secret pope behind the puppet), dark master pope’s death was announced. Whether it was his actual death or just the official announcement, it means that evil force no longer has control. The shift on 1st Jan was palpable.

Secondly, my intuition has been confirmed (3 times – I always ask for 3 signs about something big or important) from Yeshua and from in-the-know contacts on the ground, that there will be higher consciousness healthy wifi that will pulse humanity with healing and awareness on a global scale and those who remain will have their awakening radically activated. I feel it will not be yet though. The karmic clear-out is now underway. The chips have landed where people’s consciousness determined, the lessons have to be learnt and understood, and the commitment to a new, evolved way of life concretised. In the meantime, we all have to get in place, get ready with our piece of the puzzle and keep lighting the way forward.

So, shine the light. This year is a spiritual year (numerology 7). Higher alignments are coming in, higher frequencies are beaming down and able to penetrate the anti-Christ/Christess grid now, and next level destiny is ready to kick in. It’s coming ready or not.



Astral News and Egypt

Back in 2000 after a breathwork session, I was spontaneously plummeted into a journey to the end of Atlantis. I spent the day being shown, like a movie, the events that led up to the final demise of that era.

The lands that made up the various Atlantean continents were blowing up. I saw the Bahamas and Bimini areas sinking. (I have been to Bimini and seen the giant old Atlantean stones under the water.) What amazed me, and does to this day, hence I have never publicly shared this info until now, is that I saw some kind of light beings in the skies using technology beams (maybe sound, however I couldn’t hear it) and light, that literally elevated the giant pyramids off the ground as it was sinking, high into the sky and moved them across the world, placing them down at Giza. (I get goosebumps every time I think of or remember this and am getting them now as I’m sharing this information.)

What I have been told by Yeshua and Sahra is that the pyramids were taken over by dark alien forces approximately 1,500 b.c.e, around the time of Tutankamun, who I’ve also always been told was far more than we know.

When I was at Giza I was prevented from entering Cheops, the King’s pyramid, fortunately, I think given my hyper sensitivities, but spent time in the Queen’s pyramid. The energies there we’re not particularly pleasant either. A few present with me lay in what they call the sarcophagus. I did not feel drawn to at all. In fact, I was absolutely sure it was not what people thought, not a sarcophagus at all.

In part the pyramids were portals, where priests and pharaohs could communicate and connect with higher inter-galactic light beings. In the Halls of Amenti below the pyramids there is much real evidence of their true nature, as well as the Arc of the Covenant and other sacred tools that have been held, kept secret and misused by the dark government. Obviously there are powers way beyond most of our current capacity to use or imagine. Until now.

As for pyramids everywhere, there were a multitude of them on all continents. As we know the pyramid is a sacred geometrical power structure that can be used for immense healing and re-generation. I see that before Atlantis, and even before Lemuria, there were literally pyramid cities that stretched for miles. I myself have seen evidence of them all over Sardinia and across the Egyptian Western Sahara all the way to Libya, as well as others that are being revealed in China and around the world.

There are powerful old Ley lines between the pyramids in Egypt, across the Mediterranean, through Southwest France, Brittany, Jersey and Cornwall (through Mont St. Michel and Michael’s Mount), strongly connected to Archangel Michael’s energy. These are all being re-activated after decades of clearing.

In writing The Book(s) of Sahra, I remembered Sahra travelling those routes with Druid priests and priestesses, as did Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and other spiritual adepts of eras gone by. I also saw that Yeshua had a big connection to Tutankhamun. It is all connected.

This week a dear friend who experiences spontaneous, very powerful visions from time to time had this dream: he was flying in his astral body and flew down to Egypt. He saw the pyramids. Cheops opened like a tulip and was flooded with bright light. A baby rose up from the light. Lucifer was there, mask-less and absolutely furious about this. It seemed to be Tutankhamun, who my friend was shown to be a divine being. He was told Tutankhamun was the King of Kings, a title Yeshua has also been given.

There has been a loud clatter of energies these first weeks of the year as the last desperate battle cries of the dark forces were reverberating throughout our solar system. The standing light-warriors’ battle to take down the dark energies of the last cycle continues in the background, whilst on front stage the theatrical performance of the 3d reality show becomes more and more comical and less and less believable.

We on earth are existing mainly in three parallel realities now. Those who believe the drama they see on their televisions and main stream news channels are in the slow lane, maybe even parked in a lay-by of the highway, whilst some are moving at slow speed, very gradually realising that things don’t make sense, beginning to take note of changing narratives and sliding doors. In the third reality, the fast lane, the matrix is in the rear-view mirror – we know it’s all still playing out, but for us it’s history.

The planets and the stars have been in a big noisy dance – the vision Yeshua showed me looked like musical chairs right before the music stops and everyone has to grab a seat. Energetic forces and timelines have been unravelling from a tangled mess and beings from many consciousness backgrounds juggling to find the right space and timeline. In the next two months the music grinds to a halt and everyone has to find their seat – be assured there are no seats for those who wish to remain in darkness. They have nowhere to hide and nowhere to go.

The head of the beast has gone. The neck of the beast has all but been decimated. What remains are the body, arms and legs, still flailing around trying to grasp at what they thought was life, but they are basically dead in the water.

But what is important here is not so much the earthly viewpoint but the cosmic picture. It is the shift of the ages, and as we progress over the next 8-10 weeks what is presenting is the opportunity to join a new dance. There’s a new director, Divine Goddess, Sahra, and the orchestra is learning to play the new tunes Her way, read Her moves and follow Her baton. You can try to keep dancing to old tunes in the basement but the music has changed, the instruments are far more advanced and the new score is available to those who have honed the ability to read it and play the instruments they have been given for this life.

The entire cosmos is getting into gear, preparing to move forward. In March there is a giant shift coming – coming ready or not. I saw energies all around the universe scrambling to get ready for what is to come. The wave of light that is coming is ferocious, like a fast-flowing river. Those who are prepared will have little problem surfing along with it.  Some will find themselves stranded on the eroding river banks of what they once thought life was and they will grapple with discovering not only can they not swim, but the truth that they hadn’t even seen water like this before even though it was always there.

Those on the faster, higher reality stream of consciousness will need to be ready. The shipwrecked survivors will need our help and everyone who has prepared has a part to play and something to offer/give.

The truth is coming out in spades this year. By July a lot will be revealed. By September the world will see much more of what has been going on behind the scenes.

What is important is being aligned to the cosmos, the planets and the stars. Even knowledge of the zodiac as we know it has been altered and curtailed. Originally there were 22 signs which were then reduced to 13. The thirteenth sign was the spider, the mother, the web-weaver, psychic power. When that was removed, so was the mother, the feminine power and our ability to connect with and be guided by intuition. Reclaiming the spider energy, getting re-aligned to the original twenty-two signs, becoming conscious of the lesser-known constellations and their roles is of immeasurable assistance in being cosmically and divinely aligned to the new paradigm.

When we reclaim our inner feminine power, intuition, psychic abilities and have honed these to know the truth and navigate the ascension streams, our flow becomes harmonious, healthy, happy, divinely guided and aligned.

With the Chinese New Year, there has been another major energy shift. We are in a numerological 7 year – a highly spiritual number. By July 2023, especially around 7th July (7/7/7) there is likely to be a watershed when much that is not aligned is moved out of the way and that that is ready and aligned gets a boost of higher frequencies.

It will be a year of balancing energies – beautiful golden lotus flowers blossoming whose roots are firmly grounded in muddy waters, mystical birds finding their wings, flying high into the bright divine light. This is the year of the fire wheel, in Tarot the Wheel of Fortune. What goes around comes around.

Fire wheel turns

Sun cycle Rotation

Lessons learned

One earth, one nation



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