natural dental health (article)

ten insights to your natural dental health

Insight #1:

Alkaline diet is greatest protection against demineralization of the teeth (tooth decay).

Insight #2:

Tooth is bone, so an acidic system leaches alkalinity from teeth.

Insight #3:

Cavities are caused by acidity on the tooth or in the body at large and bacteria (which is acidic by nature and generates acidic bi-products).

Insight #4:

Healthy saliva is alkaline and buffers acidity but if there is plaque the saliva has a hard time getting where it is needed.

Insight #5:

Plaque + sugar + bacteria = cavities/demineralization.  The rate of destruction from acidity, sugar and bacteria exceeds rate of repair of mineralization by the saliva.

Insight #6:

Tiny channels in the teeth and gums send and receive chemicals between mouth and the internal organs, blood and intestine.

Insight #7:

Carbonic gas in the body impacts the integrity of the teeth.

Insight #8:

Mainstream dental practices can harm the teeth as well as the blood chemistry.

Insight #9:

The mouth is an eliminative organ/waste removal.

Insight #10:

Fluoride is the cause of dental decay, not the solution.


For an in-depth introduction to the NewEarth Dental Health Program please see: Enlightened Dentistry for the New Earth Nation

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